Freak of Nature

It was about six years ago when I was diagnosed with allergies. Knowing the cause of my misery – constant sore throats with the occasional visit from killer sinus headaches or having my nose run like a faucet – does absolutely nothing to make the symptoms go away.

My latest symptoms led me to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist. She was very sweet as she shoved a camera up my nose to check out what was going on up there. I called it the booger cam.

Booger Cam

She thought that was funny. The results: I have allergies … and boogers … and nothing unexpected.

I tried a particular nasal steroid spray in the past, but after a couple of weeks, I started getting nose bleeds so I had to stop. My ENT PA recommended I try it again, this time using a new technique. I did as she requested and was able to tolerate it, although I wasn’t noticing a big change in my symptoms.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. After having been itchy all over (with no rash) for around a month, I scheduled a doctor’s appointment to figure out the cause. Okay, first I used WebMD and found out how I was going to die from many serious diseases, and then I scheduled the doctor’s appointment.

My doctor’s visit lasted only a few minutes since any diagnosis would be dependent on lab results. The appointment actually ended a few minutes before it was scheduled to start thanks to a couple patient cancellations, and down I went to the lab for the needed blood work. Within the next few hours my test results came in online. Nothing out of the ordinary, which my doctor confirmed. I asked what the next step was, and the response was basically “live with it,” but in a nice doctorly tone.

I was disappointed but determined to stop itching. I thought back to what changed around the time the itchiness started. The only thing I could think of was the allergy nasal spray. Since I wasn’t getting much relief anyway, I decided to quit and see what happened. Within four days the itchiness stopped. It had been a systemic reaction (something WebMD had mentioned as a possibility!).

Only I can be allergic to allergy medications. I am truly a freak of nature.

Anyone else have the exact opposite reaction to a prescribed medication? or Who else has tried WebMD or Dr. Google and found out they were dying?

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