All in the Angle

There are some people out there that seem to always take good pictures, and then there are the rest of us. As I’ve shown with my driver’s license photo, I’m definitely in the later category. I’m discovering that cats can also fall into one of those two categories.

Lemon, being supermodel thin, and having nailed cute at an early age, can look adorable no matter what. The other day I came home and notice she’d obviously gotten into something she shouldn’t have because she had dirt all over one side of her face.

Lemon's dirty face
Her muzzle should be the same snowy white as her chest.

It only seemed to  make her cuter!

Carmen, on the other hand, has perfected grumpy. It’s a shame that she’s not as photogenic as Grumpy Cat, because she has the demeanor down. Okay, much of the grumpiness is probably Lemon related – that interloper in her world.

I got a great action shot of Carmen a few months ago, getting fur onto a blanket that had to be laundered because she’d puked on it, WHILE IT WAS ON THE BED – one of the ultimate party fouls.

Carmen Action Shot
Aren’t you glad this is an after laundry shot and not a before?

She doesn’t look too grumpy in that picture, but she does look at least a little bit tubby. I play with her every day, and Lemon is doing more than her fair share of making sure that Carmen gets off the bed and runs around, but Carmen doesn’t seem to be losing any weight.

There is hope, though, at least on the photographic front. I discovered that the Facebook/dating site selfie trick works on cats as well: Take the picture from above.

Carmen from above

Look at her kitten-ish figure. That’s the girl I remember. See, doesn’t it look like the one where she really was so thin after I brought her home from the pound?

Carmen Day One

Isn’t it amazing what the right angle can do? Of course if she ever went missing I wouldn’t use that picture on the posters because she doesn’t really look like that!

Did anyone else know that the overhead angle trick worked on pets? or Who else has a pet that has mastered cute?

4 thoughts on “All in the Angle”

  1. That angle trick really is true! And my Grandmother always said that truly cute people (and so I guess cats…?) are not terribly photogenic. I believed her because I am definitely in that does not take photos well category.
    I absolutely LOVE your rug in the last shot!


    1. I love your grandma’s philosophy on photogenics. I think Lemon, our adorable photogenic cat, is the exception that makes the rule true.

      That rug under Carmen was given to my by a friend. She was redecorating her place and the rug didn’t fit with the new color scheme. I was all over it. It doesn’t play well with my new carpet, but I still have it in storage for when I eventually move to a place with hard wood flooring again.


  2. I know all about finding the right angle. My wife and I talk about it when we’re taking photos. I’m one of those people who take good photos most of the time, but she isn’t. She has to find the right angle. I usually just tell her that she has to face to one side when taking a photo, but then she ends up looking straight ahead. Plus, she usually closes her eyes in photos. It’s a constant battle.


    1. For me it is a case of getting relaxed enough not to have a horribly forced smile. I’ve found genuinely laughing gets the right effect.

      I’m still working on the body positioning. Like your wife, I keep ending up straight ahead when I know it is so much more flattering to be at an angle.


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