At the Movies

As I was watching the Academy Awards this year, I realized that I hadn’t seen any of the nominated films or any films at all for that matter. I vowed to change that. While I still haven’t gone to a theater, I’ve moved a step closer. My wonderful local library system has been helping me catch up on films that I missed.

Over 4th of July weekend, I watched Ender’s Game, which had been in my queue for months.

Ender's Game

I loved it … and that surprised me. I fell in love with the book when I was first introduced to it about five years ago. The story was great, especially the strategy part. A couple of years later, I listened to the audiobook of Ender’s Shadow. At the end of the latter book, there was an interview with Orson Scott Card talking about making the movie. They were taking the approach of combining the two books. I was so excited by the idea.

I seldom like a movie if I’ve read the book, but this one stayed true to the first book, more or less and didn’t encompass the second book at all. Despite my expectations, there was never a moment when I was disappointed in the choices the adapter made. How very un-me! I was so proud of myself.

Not only does my library loan movies, it also screens them. Over the weekend I had the opportunity to go with Ms. M to see a film I regretted missing last year – Her.


I’ve loved Joaquin Phoenix since To Die For. I knew he wouldn’t disappoint, and he lived up to my expectations. Holy Cow! It was so incredible – funny, sad, and most of all thought provoking. Two thumbs up. I’ll definitely be thinking about this film for a long time to come.

Going to the library to watch the film showed me what I’ve been missing out on by seeing things on video – the group experience. Even when I’ve gone to films by myself, knowing that there were people around me sharing the adventure does make a difference.

Do you prefer public film viewings or at home? or What was the last event you attended at your local library?

6 thoughts on “At the Movies”

  1. Every year, I tell myself that I’m going to watch every movie nominated for something in the Academy Awards. usually I end up seeing a third or so. One of these years, I’ll actually do it.

    As for Ender’s Game, I actually read the book after first seeing the movie. I have to say that I really liked both. Neither of them ruined it for me for the other. I like when that happens.


    1. I normally end up seeing about half of the Oscar nominated films. Some of them simply do not interest me at all, so I know better than to challenge myself to see 100%.

      I’m glad I’m not alone in enjoying both the book and the movie of Ender’s Game. It seemed like the screenplay adapter cut out my least favorite story line (the Earth politics) and focused on my favorites (the strategy). I definitely couldn’t have done it better.


  2. I saw HER in my redbox list and didn’t know anything about it – passed it by (have I had my head in the sand?). But after reading your recommendation here – I’m going to rent it and give it a go. Thanks TAmmy


  3. I wanted to see Her so much! Still haven’t. Glad you mentioned it here so I can check it out.
    I’m honestly not sure what movies our library rents or shows – that’s one thing I haven’t checked into there. Mostly, our library experience is Kidzilla’s summer reading program. And the last event we attended there? Monday night Kidzilla read to therapy dogs. so much fun! Her class got to do it in school this year and when we saw the library was also doing it, we jumped on it! She gets to practice reading out loud, which she loves, and gets a dose of puppy love. (She’d love to have one, but our home and lifestyle is just not dog-friendly right now.) The pups love sitting with the kids and getting all that attention.


    1. Definitely see Her when you have a chance. So good!

      How great that your library offers that program. I’ve heard about how well kids do with reading to dogs – it gives them practice, and the dogs don’t judge. I’m so excited that your daughter gets to participate!


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