Walking Proud

It seems like ages ago that I announced that I have a new pedometer and was singing its praises. Of course as soon as I did, it started acting up including not recording my steps in place! After several exchanges with tech support, I finally got them to tell me to send it back for a refund. My little zip must be able to read because ever since it knew I might be returning it, it has been acting perfectly. I love this little guy!


Smiling Pedometer

So far there has only been one day in which I forgot to wear it. There have been a handful of days when I failed to reach my 10,000 per day goal – normally based on either illness or working ridiculously long hours. Most days, however, I have met or exceeded that goal.

Earlier this month I crossed the million step mark. Holy cow! My latest big news on the walking front is that I have received my 500 mile badge last week.

500 Mile Badge

Yup, I could be in the Proclaimers song!

With this attached to me, I definitely am so much more active. The badges help to set up certain mental milestones.

I am now wondering, what next? I crave a fitness challenge to work towards. I miss pushing my body to do the impossible.

Back in the day I used to do a lot of 5k walks. They were fun, and I met lots of interesting people. At least if I started that up again, it would give me an incentive to train so I could have a good time – no I’m not competitive at all!

My favorite one was when I was living in South Carolina. The race planners weren’t expecting walkers. There were only a handful of us total – this was the mid-90s – and the security they hired to halt traffic for us served as great pacers. They really wanted to go home but couldn’t until we finished. They kept edging up the speed, little by little. They also were really generous with the praise and encouragement. It was a gentle kind of pushing that definitely kept us trying for a personal best tme.

I might have to do a trial one now to see if I still find it enjoyable … assuming I can find me to fit my schedule.

What is your latest fitness challenge? or Have you encountered unexpected cheerleaders?

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