Inconvenient Reality

For years I tracked everything I ate. It started nearly a decade ago when I was tired of being fluffy and tired all the time. When working out didn’t budge the scale, I knew what I needed to do … and I did it. Limiting calories worked like a champ.

When I was dancing, keeping the weight down was vital. Any bumps (or heaven forbid rolls) were exposed and oh so obvious.


Latin Dance Shot
Kurt and I Latin Dancing at one of my first competitions

Much like my stretching routine, my eating habits went out the window as part of my pity party. Ever since the job incident, my eating has gotten worse.

I reached an unacceptable number on the scale and started working out again. As a side note, there are actually three levels of unacceptable scale numbers for me: The scary number, the uber scary number, and the “Okay, That’s Enough, Tubby” number. It was this latter one that was recently reached.

I’m officially back to calorie counting. I know how many I have a day, and it’s up to me to figure out their best use. I knew immediately what had to go.


Oh bread, you wonderful creation. Perfect springy texture, the nuttiness of the wheat, the delicate softness in my hand. Bread: it’s not you, it’s me. I hope you understand.

I knew I was doing a lot of bored eating, but I never realized how much. Dang! I wasn’t hungry when I returned to my dance calorie count.

The strangest thing is this change has felt so liberating! I feel in control again! I’m also back to my ten minutes of strength training each day and 10,000 steps (thank you, pedometer!) What a difference it is making in how I feel about myself. Knowing that the pinching clothes are temporary does wonders for the spirit! And that I won’t have to buy a bigger wardrobe really appeals to my frugal side. Being down three pounds in three weeks gives that added encouragement!

Have you had to re-learn something lately? or Am I the only one who thrives better and feels more free in a structured environment?

12 thoughts on “Inconvenient Reality”

  1. Oh, I’ve to relearn my eating habits from time to time. I’ve let junk food come in here and there for a while, but not usually enough to where I get overweight. I can stop it before I get to that point.

    I think what helps is that I feel so much better when I eat well. When I eat too much junk, I feel sluggish or lack energy. I’d rather feel good and energizes than have a doughnut.


    1. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one need to relearn eating!

      I know I feel so much better when I eat right, but when food cravings hit, it is easy to forget how badly I feel after a high fat treat. I haven’t had fried foods in so long, I know I’d get sick, but sometimes the smell of French Fries can be a really strong draw!


  2. Relearning how to be healthy is a regular thing for me. Funny, I am so impatient with my loved ones for not “getting” things right away, and yet I do the exact same thing.

    Good for you for getting back on track! And Whoa – love the dancing picture! Yowza!


    1. Thanks for the compliment. Seeing pictures of me looking like that make it harder to be content with Tammy right now since that isn’t how I currently look!

      Our impatience seems to be shifted – I get frustrated when I don’t learn something right away, but I never expect others to pick things up quickly. Maybe I should extend myself the same courtesy.


  3. Periodically, I have to clean up my eating habits. Generally, I can get things back on track fairly quickly, but stress makes it so much harder, doesn’t it?

    I’ve learned to be kinder to myself, usually. Less getting on the scale, more judging by how my clothes fit.


    1. I still have the dancer mindset for what my body should look like, yet I’m not still dancing 20 hours a week! I need to get over that.

      I have found there is often a lag between the numbers on the scale going up and my pants fitting snug, and then it rebounds in a big way. It’s as if everything fits one day to nothing the next.

      At least I know what I’m doing is working, which is added encouragement to keep doing it!


  4. Okay, well to start with – ooh-la-la you look fantastic young lady! Dancing your heart out.

    I like your 3 tiered scale for if and when you need to get after the issue – and yes, bread is my weakness too. Dangit.

    I’ve been doing morning and night easy, emphasis on easy, yoga and about 5000 steps a day. A few years ago I wore my pedometer and did 10K a day – it made such a difference. You’ve inspired me to get that puppy out and count my steps again.

    Way to go! Keep it up, Tammy.


    1. It is hard for me to see my dancing pictures now that my body doesn’t look like that now. Then again, I’m so glad I have photographic proof that I did look that hot!

      Darned bread!

      Pedometers make me walk so much more. I’ve been well over 10,000 steps this whole last week! I’m down a total of 5 pounds … and below the uber scary number!!!!!!


  5. Fluffy…I love it. That’s what I’m using from now on.

    Re-teaching ourselves to take care of our bodies happens to everyone. The difference in how I feel when I pay attention to what I put in my body vs. how I feel after a period (even brief) of “junk” or mindless eating is always just a little startling.

    That 10000 steps thing always bothered me…I never bothered to do it because I am convinced I get nowhere near it. I may have to take out the pedometer and give it a whirl.


    1. Fluffy definitely seems like an accurate definition, and it’s one that doesn’t have judgments built into it.

      I never thought I could get to 10,000 steps, and then I realized how much I was doing without trying. Then I’d try to find little ways to add in more. I’ve always been a pacer, and I was shocked to see how many steps that can rack up. I now also march in place when doing my hair in the morning. Little bits help!


  6. Totally flaked on the other thing I had in my head…the thriving better in a structured routine/environment? I absolutely feel better, happier, more in control when my routine is more structured. Maybe it’s the ADHD – structure just helps me function better. So while at the start of something new – eating habits, exercise, taking a class, whatever – it feels restrictive and demanding for a while, it’s not too long before I enjoy the regularity.


    1. Structure is my friend! I’ve always felt that way. Knowing what the rules are gives me comfort. Like you, when I first start something new, there is no routine. It’s too fluid. Then I settle into it, and find the joy of living between the lines.


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