Revealing Questions

As I have previously confessed, Wil Wheaton is one of my celebrity crushes. Yes, I follow him on Twitter, and yes, I read his blog.


Wil Wheaton photo courtesy of ImBD
Wil Wheaton photo courtesy of IMDb

A few weeks ago, he had a post about the important role role playing games played in his life. It reminded me how some things just don’t work for me, try as I might. I had lots of geeky friends in the past who were all into D&D. I would sit there and listen, and I even tried it once, but I was banished when I asked what I thought was a simple, basic question: If there is such a thing as magic, why not just cast a spell to end the game?

“They” say that there are no stupid questions. For the most part I agree on this. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there is always a response that could bring understanding on the topic. Simply asking the question the way I did indicated that I would not be able to understand any answer they gave me.

I have often been on the receiving side of these questions.

While I was working at SANYO, I was responsible for getting our raffle gift list approved by our Vice President. He was a very traditional Japanese man. When he looked at the list, his eyes were immediately drawn to the line item “Personal Day.” “Why would someone want a day off with pay?” He was serious. I started to answer a couple times, mouth just gaping open, but stopped myself short. How do you explain that? I simply said, “I will take it off the list.”

My favorite is from last year. I was catching up with a long-time friend. The topic of surfing the internet came up, and I asked what blogs she read. “What’s a blog?” So I explained that they are websites that encourage a conversation and that they could be on a specific topic, a personal blog or …. “Why would anyone want to share their personal information on the internet, and why would anyone read it?” The smarty-pants in me wanted to respond with “Narcissists and Voyeurs” (after I thought of that answer a few days later!), but instead I took the wimpy road out and changed the subject.

Have you ever been asked a question to which there really was no way answer considering how it was raised? Have you ever been “that” person?

4 thoughts on “Revealing Questions”

  1. We had a great offer from the telco that if you had a year of perfect attendance you were rewarded with a day off without pay. HUH? No I’ll take my 5 sick days with pay on days of my choosing. Silliest thing I was ever offered, I think?


    1. What were they thinking with that “reward”? Didn’t that same company “punish” people by suspending them with pay? I always wanted to figure out what I had to do that was bad enough to get suspended without pay but not so bad as to get me fired! Even working in HR, that was the big mystery.


  2. first of all – your comment and logic about D&D made me laugh out loud. Again- as so often is the case – your train of thought travels the same track as mine – too, too funny! I’m probably often that person asking those questions that others are like…….what the??


    1. I’ve never met anyone whose brain works as similarly as mine! I know I’m the “what the heck” girl a lot! What would happen if we met in person? Either we would get along splendidly or “there can be only one!” (I hope I got the Highlander quote right – didn’t like that movie!)


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