More Complicated Than It Sounds

It’s been eight months since I got married, and I’m at a weird transition point: I’ve decided to take DH2U’s name, and while most places now have me under the new last name, there are a few hold outs.

Conducting a name change is not for wimps – or for people with no spare time. It’s taken trips to Social Security and DMV – none of which could be done online or by mail.

Once those two were done, the rest ranged from easy to slightly less painful. Some places took my word for it, others needed a copy of my new DL. My retirement fund is requiring I send them a certified copy of my marriage license.

While this has been a pain, there are benefits. I now have a driver license picture that doesn’t make me look like a serial killer!


I renewed my passport at the end of 2018. The cool thing is if you have a name change wihin a year of renewal, you can get an updated passport for free. I know! FREE! From our government!

With passports, unlike the DMV, you supply the picture, so there is control. My fist new passport photo had crazy eyes – not what I want TSA agents looking at. So I got another photo. Much better.


In between when I got my passport last year and the renewal this year, they changed the rules on the photos:

  1. No glasses
  2. No smiling

What the what? No smiling? We all give our best fake smiles to the custom officer. You’d think having a smiling picture would make it easier to verify who we are. Going with a non-smiling shot was worth eliminating the confusion of my driver licences having one name and the passport the other.

My goal is to have everything switched over by our one year anniversary. That and to have charities send me some address labels with my new name on it. A woman can dream.

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