How Does Her Garden Grow?

When I left off on our great housing adventure, we were just starting to break ground on the soil in the terraces to make them our garden.

Backyard Terrace

Well, we have now made nearly half of the top terrace plant-able. DH2U created a fabulous sifter, and after lots of back breaking work of getting the rocks out and amendments in, we have started planting.

The tomatoes went in first.

Early Tomatoes

Then came my experiment. When I was going through and seeing what seeds we already had, I noticed that there were a lot of loose seeds in the plastic bag that holds our little seed envelopes. I am not one for throwing things away, so I decided to plant them and see what grew. Our bag of mystery seeds.

Mystery Seeds

DH2U’s guess is that the predominately radish seeds. I think it is something in the lettuce or arugula family. I figure in a month we will know. I’m sure you are dying to find out – I’ll be sure to share.

Okay, I probably could have looked them up online, but what fun is that?!? So I used square foot gardening techniques, pulled out my trusty ruler, and created holes.

Square Foot Gardening

What is next? We received a lot of beautiful plants from friends to welcome us into our home. In addition, we received some really cute planting kits. I will be trying my hand at some kale.


We’ll also be growing some herbs in these adorable hanging pots.

Hanging Seeds

Next weekend we’ll be planting our early harvesting beans – including lima beans, snow peas, and favas. Yum, yum!

We have lots of space. Any recommendations of other plants to grow?

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