Settling for Self Sufficiency

A little while back, there was a television commercial that portrays cable tv subscribers as settlers.

Settlers Ad

My mind does not make the leap to where someone who has cable gives them a pioneer mentality – Yes, I know it is supposed to mean that they are completely behind the times, but self-sufficiency is not a negative for me. I’m obviously not their target market! I wonder how many people who were excited to read Almost Amish would fall into their desired demographics.

Almost Amish

I loved the idea of Almost Amish more than the book itself (2 stars). I was looking for more of a how to guide then the unhelpful, un-Tammy-like advice of join a church and don’t travel.

While that didn’t meet my need, it did inspire me to be on the lookout for things that were closer to what I was looking for. I found a Homesteading podcast that meets many of my sensibilities: Pioneering Today.

Pioneering Today

I was drawn in with the episode 80: Five Life Lessons from the Great Depression.

It involved history and the desire to retain the knowledge of what are becoming lost arts. I loved it. I even got a whole new canning idea from it – crep (aka tomato-based soup starter). That wasn’t a term either of my grandmothers used, and I was interested by her research into what this new-to-me item was.

DH2U already knows that when we finally get our house, I really want a bumper crop of tomatoes in our garden. I’ve been enjoying cooking with our dehydrated tomatoes from last year, and canning up some crep would be a great alternative way of storing some of our bounty. I love making soup, and to have a jar of homemade base would dramatically speed up the process (and be one less can I’d have to open!).

Had anyone heard the term “crep” before this post? Or What one food item would you want a bump crop of from a home garden?

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