O Canada

I haven’t done anything crazy in a while. Okay, spending 12 back-breaking hours making a piñata costume could be conceived of as insane by some, but I mean a life-changing, break-out-of-a-rut kind of thing. I’m even mentally out of the habit. The other day the following conversation occurred in my head:

I want to do something reckless and crazy.”

“How about next Thursday after work?”


Holy cow, I’m back to planned spontaneity!

I’m thinking of running away from home. Not really running away, more like picking up and moving … to Canada.

Canadian Flag

I’ve listened to CBC for ages, I’ve enjoyed getting to know the Canadians I’ve met, and I’ve been to different provinces and have loved being up there.

Canada recently had their elections, which I followed intently. First of all, the Canadian election process is short, unlike our marathon. Their last election cycle was one of their longest … at 11 weeks!!!! Justin Trudeau, a young progressive and son of a former Prime Minister, won.

Justin Trudeau

His political views are ones I could stand behind, especially in comparison to his main opponent, Stephen Harper, or nearly all of the US choices. What really sold me on Trudeau was his response when asked why half of his cabinet is women: Because it is 2015.

I’ve thought of immigrating there ever since I moved back from England. I don’t have much longer before I’m too old for the easy route to a Permanent Resident visa.

Of course this is just one of many dreams that percolate through this crazy brain of mine, like the sheep farm. It does make for a pleasant daydream.

If you were going to do something crazy like up and move, where would you go? Or Am I the only one that plans to do spontaneous things?

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