Tube Socks

With all the back-to-school sales on now, I was thinking back to when I would look forward to stocking up. In getting ready for junior high gym class, I wanted to make sure I got everything on the school-provided list. One of the items listed was tube socks.

Tube Socks

Ma asked me if I really wanted tube socks. I had never worn them before, but since my rule-following tendencies developed early, that was what was thrown into the cart.

There was a reason I’d never had tube socks before: they suck! Plus, my rule following meant I was the only kid in gym class with tube socks – not a good way to start.

Did the developer of tube socks never see a human ankle? This was definitely not designed property, at least not for the intended purpose. CERT, however, has taught me that there are really good uses for tube socks that don’t involve feet. It turns out tube socks are excellent bandages and wonderful splint covers.

Last year during back-to-school shopping season, tube socks were on sale. Why do we continue to torment school kids with these things? I was one of the purchasers of ten pairs of tube socks for $5. I washed them, rolled them up individually, and bagged them for my medical supply bag for CERT.

I found yet another use for them a couple months ago. I was in PT, and the assistant gave me the homework assignment of picking up items off the floor while remaining standing on one leg. At the clinic we used little bean bags. I immediately realized they were the exact same size as my balled up socks. Look at me being practical.

Have you ever worn tube socks? or What was your most recent repurposing?

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