Phones and Friends

I got a new phone!

Motorola Moto E

I am definitely not an early adopter in any sense of the word. If my old phone had met my basic needs, it would still be in operation. As a result, I ended up with a phone I really like, fits in with my frugal tendencies, and meets my needs.

I now have more than one gig of memory. I laugh when I think of one gig being small, especially after the 64k of memory in my beloved Commodore. But time moves on, and my new phone cost much less than that early computer, and that isn’t even in inflation-adjusted dollars.

While I have found some features I don’t like, they are not anything I can’t live with. There are so many positives I can live without a notification light. The fact that the price dropped by 33% from the time I first researched to when I put it in my shopping cart is one of them.

My favorite feature of my new phone is it lets me choose which contacts can break through my phone’s quiet time. (I still have a mode where no calls will ring through so I’m not THAT person at the movies or in a play.) I wanted an app that would allow important calls to ring through, but it is built in. Bonus!

Now I need to go through my phone book and determine who are my 2 am friends. Normally that would be people I know I could call at 2 am if I’m in trouble. Now I’m setting up for whom I’m willing to be on the flip side of that relationship. This list is longer than the first one. I wouldn’t mind being that person for more people than I can imagine calling in a similar situation. I guess that is better than having it be the other way – not being willing to reciprocate for my friends!

Do you know who your 2 am friends are? or Am I the only one constantly amazed by how much memory even the smallest devices have these days?

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