3 Things

It’s hard to believe it was nearly a year and a half ago when I asked for my readers’ help in coming up with some go-to meals. Eggs now play a more regular role thanks to several suggestions. One other new favorite has started – we call it three things. It first happened through lack of inspiration, and it is great!

It all started because for dinner I really like for there to be three different elements on the plate – normally a main dish and two sides. More often than not in our place, the two sides are veggies prepped in different ways: salad, sauted, roasted, pickled. You get the idea.

Even though it my thing to want the three things and not DH2U, I find myself apologizing if my cooking energy peters out with only a main dish (normally a casserole or stir fry) for the meal.

One night it was my turn to cook, and all I really wanted to make was side dishes. No main dishes seemed worth my effort. I went ahead and made everything up. When DH2U came home, he asked what was for dinner.

“Three things.”

He was intrigued.

I had discovered a recipe for garlicy tomatoes and white beans (I skipped the meat part from the picture below) in one of my women’s magazines, which smelled and tasted as heavenly as it sounded.

Tomatoes and White Beans

I also had sauted greens and oven roasted root vegetables. It was delicious, and the bean dish made it filling. A new g0-to meal was born.

I’m really surprised I hadn’t come up with this idea before. Side dishes are normally my favorite part of the meal. When I was keeping much more kosher, when I was eating at a friends’ houses I often filled up my plate with sides and was quite happy having that as a meal.

Has anyone else ever intentionally set out to make a dinner composed exclusively of side dishes? or Am I the only one that really wants three things for their evening meal?

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