Dairy Farm

I am so glad that I internet surf. While it is often a brain numbing activity, there are times when it sparks huge bursts of creativity.

A couple of months ago I was using Twitter as a jumping off point when suddenly I discovered that for a 200 word essay and a relatively small entry fee, I could win a working goat farm and cheesery. The idea landed in my brain and started to take root.


I gave the contest a lot of thought. I figured out what tactic I’d take in the essay: 200 words is so short! Then as I was reading through the fine print, I noticed that the winner was responsible for paying all taxes before the keys could be handed over. I did the math and the rough total was $136,000. Would I want to spend that much for established agricultural business in an industry I know nothing about and in a part of the country where I have no established social network?

Okay, the last one was really nonsense because of course I’d move somewhere new. It’s the huge tax cost that was really alarming to me. The place would definitely fit in my from-scratch mindset, though.

DH2U did a lot to try to distract me from thinking about this farm. One excellent attempt that normally would have worked was talking about building some storage units that would also serve as a cat tower. I asked if the goats would want to climb it.

He did ask why we didn’t start our own goat farm in our region. I told him that the one in the contest was established and had an outbuilding for milking and cheese processing. Not to be deterred, he asked lots of questions about renting out goats for land cleaning and how many goats can be kept in the city.  Two goats does not a herd a make, and I only know that that is how many urban goats we can have in my town because his knew I’d look it up.

I keep going back and forth about whether I’d throw my hat into the ring. It makes no logical sense at all, but that doesn’t always slow me down. All I know about goats is what I learned at a petting zoo, which mainly consists of the fact that they like to eat little girls’ hair.

Anyone else now considering entering to win a goat farm? or Would you pick up a move if an intriguing job was handed to you?

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