My Perfect Valentine

I have never been one to get wrapped up in the Hallmark holiday of Valentine’s Day. I’m not a romantic (we won’t discuss the surprise my favorite movies revealed). That is not to say that I’m not in love – loving that double negative in there – merely that I don’t fall into the whole “No, I love you more!” sentimental trappings that in my head surround the “r” word and especially today’s holiday.

Dueling Valentines
Last year we gave each other the exact same card! Great minds…

Now I simply use today as an excuse to make a special meal, pull out the china, and have a relaxing evening with DH2U.

I learned the joys of lamb when I was living in England. I moved there shortly after Mad Cow, so I swore off beef (not realizing that it was in a ton of their desserts – but that is another story), and lamb wasn’t that much more expensive … and oh so tasty!

Tonight we are having lamb shanks that have cooked in the crockpot all day. Although lamb is normally ridiculously expensive, I have found a local market that periodically puts it on sale for less than half off. It would appear that a HUGE lot of the stuff was mis-cut, and they pull it out in batches and sell it, still frozen.

Irregular Lamb

I have created an entire back story about an apprentice butcher, but the real story remains a mystery. As one of my Facebook friends pointed out, his favorite cut of meat is “irregular”. Mine, too! It definitely speaks to my frugal side, and it tastes the same!

I’m really looking forward to the movie we are going to watch tonight. Considering my favorite Christmas movie is Die Hard, what did I choose to show my romantic side? Ghost Busters!

There are the Gate Keeper and Key Master, dogs and cats living together, and of course Bill Murray and Sigourney Weaver. What is not to love about that?

What are your thoughts on Valentines Day: Romantic or Hallmark? Or, what are some other non-traditional romance movies for me to watch in years to come?

6 thoughts on “My Perfect Valentine”

  1. Hi Tammy,

    I have to admit I really do like romance, but I don’t like the idea of setting a day aside for things – resolutions (do them all year round, don’t just wait for New Years), presents (give them spontaneously, don’t subscribe to the whole industry that is Christmas – though we still have a traditional one) – and romance, why have an arbitrary day such as valentines remind you to give attention to the one that you love?

    So anyways, those are my thoughts 😉

    take care & best wishes,


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by.

      I like your attitude of doing things throughout the year, and not simply because the calendar tells you so. I might challenge myself to think in those terms more often.


  2. Have to agree with Alan – why wait for a particular day? We do celebrate these “Hallmark” days together, but probably much more low key than most people. My husband and I are of the thinking that if there isn’t love, affection, etc. in your relationship all the time then perhaps it’s time to ask why.


    1. Media stories (and of course advertising) is always playing up Valentine’s Day. It is great to hear that so many people do low key versions and aren’t secretly wishing that it was more.

      You are so right about confronting a relationship that isn’t consistently providing the level of love and affection required. It’s amazing how effective using your words can be!


  3. I think Valentine’s Day is what you make of it – like anything really. I don’t like a canned day that someone else tells me I have to express my love, my romantic love, for my hubs. I used to enjoy it when my kids were little for the treats I’d bake them and the excitement they had about Valentines for school. Now I enjoy a quiet day with my husband when the date rolls around. He always gives me a card and flowers – but the flowers are uniquely my favorites (tulips or hydrangeas – if I’m really lucky – peonies). But the key is that he does this other times in the year – whenever he feels like it days, or when he knows I’m blue days, or you know, just because.

    Your choice of movies – for Christmas AND for Valentines (romance) make me smile. You ARE a bit of a rebel – aren’t you? And do you play the theme from Ghostbusters around a candlelit dinner to set a romantic mood? I love it.


    1. How wonderful that your vision of a perfect Valentine’s Day has changed over time, and that it has always involved simple acts.

      I wish I’d thought of your idea of playing the theme from Ghostbusters! For other special dinners I created a mix that includes some of his favorite songs. I thought he was choke when “Big Bottom” came on. He’d once mentioned that he liked “Spinal Tap” so I had to include it.


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