The Confessional Revisited

I’ve already disclosed the fact that I am easily influenced. I bought a juicer after watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I’ve used a grand total of … once. Okay, I got off to a bad start with that one. Even though it has been more than six months, I still associate it with the horrible aftertaste from the kale I put in the juice. If I can get past that and make a batch of apple juice, I know I’ll be okay and actually use it. But until then, it sits and patiently waits, and commiserates with my foam roller.

Watching Contagion sparked my latest case of being influenced.

Ever since I watched the film last month, I’ve been so conscious of whenever I touch my face. I’m also washing my hands so much more.

All of that leads to my latest confession: I despise the feeling of lotion on my skin. I’m making gagging sounds just thinking about it as I type this. Part of that might be because I’m allergic to most lotions, but I think mainly it is a textural thing. It’s so slimy!

Well, with all the extra hand washing, my hands are now so dry, and the skin on the knuckles is cracking and bleeding. I understood the cause and affect early on, and I was forced to decide between stopping washing my hands (at the beginning of flu season) or suck it up and apply lotion. I’ve gone with the latter.

I think I’m starting to get used to it, or at least I focus more on the almost instant relief of my parched skin as opposed to the sensations of the lotion. Fortunately I found a kind that doesn’t cause welts that also leaves no residue.

Am I the only one to whom texture is a leading factor in food, clothing and personal product selection? Do you drink juice with kale in it … and don’t think of lawn clippings? or Are you now thinking of it when you touch your face?

3 thoughts on “The Confessional Revisited”

  1. Tammy, this true confession makes me crack up a little for some reason. I think it’s because one problem enhances the other so beautifully. Does it make you gag to watch other people apply lotion? I need to remember these things! 🙂


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