Frozen Dreams

Despite the impression I might have given in a previous post, not all of my dreams involve cats … In a recent one, I reorganized my freezer. I’m glad that my real life is more exciting than my subconscious!

Inside Tammy's Freezer
I was commenting how empty my freezer was!

Admittedly, I do maintain a larger than normal supply of food at my place. I would guess that in a pinch I could go for a couple months only buying milk, eggs and fresh produce. These amounts went up even more when my job looked like it was in real jeopardy: I viewed it as part of my unemployment fund.

Not only do I keep my cupboards at home full, I also maintain an emergency food stash in my desk drawer at work and in the trunk of my car. At work I always have a couple lunches. In my car, there is always water and at least 3000 calories. I often get mocked for my car food stash, yet those mockers have all appreciated the fruits of my emergency supplies, whether it is protein bars or cracker sandwiches.

My latest food obsession is canning! When I was on my vacation in Salt Lake City last year, it was the first time in ages that I had access to cable tv. It confirmed my reasons for not having it at home, because I found myself watching a lot of crap. One non-crappy show that I enjoyed was Chopped. One of the ingredients that they had for a challenge was Preserved Lemons, and one of the contestants mentioned how he makes his own on a regular basis. I had never done any canning before. The first thing that came to mind when I heard it was the scene from Holiday Inn in which the canned peaches exploded! But upon researching it, they seemed easy (the preserved lemons, not the peaches!), and the odds of giving someone (including myself!) food poisoning if I did it wrong was next to zero. After the first batch, I was hooked! I always have some in my fridge now, and they became gifts for several friends! With our garden going in and heavily tomato-based, that might be the next victim for my burgeoning canning appetite!

This tied in so perfectly for my sudden urge for disaster preparedness brought on by reading Lucifer’s Hammer. Just think, I wouldn’t get scurvy if society collapsed … unless someone took my supply! And no, I don’t have plans to go build a wilderness cabin and stock it with guns and my food! But if I had a bigger place, a deep freeze would so be in my future!!!!! Think of what I could put in that!!!!

So what is your “good for you yet still loopy” obsession? How many of you have seen the movie Holiday Inn and therefore caught my peaches reference?

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