How many balls can I have in the air at once?

Balls in the Air

I’ve really been testing that lately. It seems like I keep adding stuff with abandon. So far, my base has held steady and everything is still in balance. Unfortunately, I stink at Jenga, and all my activities are starting to feel like a later round of the game where the easy pieces have already been played.

As I’d mentioned, I am having a different resolution each month. It’s fascinating to me to see how the previous months’ activities are staying with me. January was vegetarian, and we are still have veggie meals at least two to three times a week. February was tracking my expenses. After the office break-in, I had stopped, but a suggestion from Patrick of Patrick’s Place to do the old fashioned pen and paper method of keeping track worked! It got me over the mental hurdle, and I’m 100% committed to keeping this up.

Now we are in April. Way back in October, I learned about NaNoWriMo but decided to wait until a less insane time. I guess I should have realized that there is no less insane time! But, I was committed to this. Every day in the month of March I wrote a blog post. As you’ve probably noticed, I didn’t swamp you with a post a day. Instead, they will make my life easier: They are all dressed up, scheduled, and ready to go. Not having the constant pressure of creating posts hanging over my head is making this exercise such a blessing! I can always rearrange the schedule if something comes up and I have to report on it NOW or I could take a mini-breather. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ….. this is actually something that is good for me that feels good, too!

But not all of the posts will be presented here. I am spreading my wings. I have been contacted to write a guest blog for an Expat Blog in England, and so that post will be written here (I will tell you when it is up!). I also am exploring a few other blogs to guest post for. There are so many opportunities, and I finally feel ready for the challenge.

So I wrote a post a day (and I plan to continue keeping an accelerated writing schedule), going to my day job and my part-time job, attending a FREE computer class once a week, gym attendance two to three times a week, my daily PT exercises, maintaining my social media presence and going out with friends. Whew! I’m hoping my juggling skills will keep everything going throughout the rest of the semester. Right now these are all important to me and fun.

What was the most insane schedule you’ve ever enjoyed?

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