When I got home on Monday, I was only greeted by two kitties – Lemon and Squirrel. And Squirrel was acting agitated. Moose was nowhere to be found. I called his name. I yelled “snack” their cue that food is coming. Nothing. 

I got scared. Moose is on allergy shots and a bad reaction is possible. What was I going to find? Nothing, and I looked everywhere.

I fed the two cats that were present and called DH2U to let him know Moose was missing. He came right home. We searched the neighborhood for an hour and a half. I met some new-to-me neighbors and showed Moose’s picture.


It got dark. Then really dark. We went home to regroup, planning to go out again later.

I suggested we look in cabinets. Our cats haven’t figured out how to open cabinet doors, either from the outside or inside. Don’t judge. I never claimed they were rocket scientists.

I’d finished my search of the kitchen when DH2U came in from the bedroom. He looked a little sheepish. He’d accidentally closed Moose into one of his dresser drawers.

Here’s what his drawer looked like afterwards.


I couldn’t convince Moose to go back into it for a re-creation shot.

After all that time thinking the worst, it was such a relief to know he was safe and sound, albeit rather hungry and thirsty. He did chew on his belly during his time in captivity. I think it was out of stress and boredom.

What I don’t get is why didn’t Moose cry out when I called his name or he heard his brother eating dinner? And why didn’t Squirrel let me know where his brother was? Once I accidently left the screen door open, and Squirrel screamed bloody murder to let me know Moose had gone outside. Where was his assistance this time.

Afterwards everyone got loved on and fed and I was super grateful none of the horrible things I was imagining came true.

Stupid cat.

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