So Many Good Books

We are only two months into the new year, and I have already read three five-star books. Rather than save them all up, I figured I would go ahead and share them with you now. All three are in different genres – Science Fiction, Literary Fiction, and a cozy mystery.

The First Fifteen Lives of Henry August by Claire North has the underlying premise that for a certain percentage of the population, death means a continual cycle of rebirth into their same bodies, with their memories intact. It reminded me of the book Replay by Ken Grimwood, which I also loved!


One of the rules that these people live by is to not alter history. And it is followed … until it isn’t. At that point, Henry August dedicates himself to stopping the rogue member. The book talks about things I had never thought about, like how boring it would be to keep living the same life over and over. Whatever would I do with all that time? 

The book Less by Andrew Sean Greer won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction last year.


Arthur Less is a man tangentially associated with a famous poetry movement in the United States, and he is a marginal author in his own right. The story follows him as he takes an around the world trip, primarily paid for by accepting offers to speak at symposiums and to take up guest lecturer positions and writer residencies. During his journey, he rediscover himself as he turns 50. It was darkly funny and insightful. Perhaps I liked it so much because it’s nice to encounter characters that are around my own age.

The last five-star book for your consideration is Restaurant Weeks are Murder by Libby Klein.


This is not the first time Libby Klein has appeared in my blog. I talked about the first two books in this series as well when they came out. This latest book is released today! I received an advanced copy in return for an honest review.

I love these characters, and the story did not disappoint. It was funny and I didn’t figure out the murderer until the reveal at the end. I must admit that there was one thing I didn’t like about this book: It has a cliffhanger. I don’t do cliffhangers. But since the murders got wrapped up and it was only about the love triangle, I guess I can live with it. Pick already, Poppy!

So what has everyone else been reading? Anything I should add to my list?

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