A Cat’s Life

It’s hard out here for a cat, especially my babies. In the last month we’ve moved, DH2U went on a two-week-long business trip, and then I left to attend the wedding. Even before I left, Lemon was really missing her staff member. She was attention starved and sad.

While I had an opportunity to have someone pop in and take care of them, I decided they really needed some quality attention. I paid for a cat sitter to come in for an hour a day to love my angels. I chose Dog Walks and More, and I’m so glad I did.

Dog Walks and More

Knowing that Carmen and Lemon were in professional hands enabled me to better enjoy my Milwaukee trip.

I received daily updates about the cats. I even got a video. I added it to YouTube, because the internet does not have enough cat videos!

It was so nice to see them behaving normally. Lemon doesn’t like having her picture taken, and she looked right into the camera!

I got home late on Saturday, and the cats were glad to see me and not at all stressed. While I did leave the house to go on a racewalk, go grocery shopping, and replace my FitBit that disappeared at the beginning of the trip, I spent the rest of the day at home. I was often trapped under cats.

That was the quickest feline forgiveness I’ve ever received.

Has anyone else ever hired a professional pet sitter? or Is it strange that this is the first video I’ve ever put on YouTube?

4 thoughts on “A Cat’s Life”

  1. Hi Tammy! What a wonderful blog and review of my company! I had so much fun with your angels, building paper forts and more!

    Call me anytime if you must leave town for any reason! Love to help!

    Vicky, Owner
    Dog Walks ‘N More


  2. Finding a good cat sitter is so important. We used to have family look after our cats when we traveled. We moved to a new city a few weeks ago and I need to find someone else. In fact, tomorrow I’m going to visit a new neighbor who has four cats. She’s traveling in October and we want to see if we can barter cat sitting for each other.


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