Halloween Bragging Rights

I outdid myself this year, even if I do say so myself. I’ve had some awesome costumes in the past, but this year took the cake. I had an idea early in October, but when it came time to start making it, my heart wasn’t in it. Then, on Thursday I found this inspiration.

Pinata Inspiration

I immediately knew how I would do it differently. In talking to Kurt about my costume idea, he said I was creative like an accountant. So true. It bugged me that the rows on the arms didn’t match up to the body of the costume, and the colors weren’t even in the same order! Mine would have symmetry.

The raw materials were pretty basic: rolls of 6 different colors of crepe paper, a sweat suit a size too big since it wouldn’t stretch once everything was attached, and a ton (40 sticks) of glue gun glue.

First I had to shred the crepe paper. I took an exacto knife to the rolls to make some cuts throughout and then used scissors to create more slits to give the desired effect. I then very patiently glued the crepe paper in evenly spaced rows on the pants. Here is where I was at the end of Friday.

Pinata Pants Beginning

It took me another 10 hours of work on Saturday to complete the outfit. Once I was almost done with the pants, I was mentally done with the whole project, but I carried on. I was really starting to worry if I had time to finish.

Pinata Pants Almost Done

The hardest part was the shoulders. The colors didn’t want to line up, and then it was hard keeping the rows even. I’m so glad I found a great use for my evil foam roller.

Pinata Top

I don’t think I could have finished the top without it.

It took so much longer than I thought, but I was very pleased with the results. It’s not a drive-in-the-car type of costume, so I changed in the street before joining the party.

I felt like the belle of the ball when I walked in. All of my effort was greatly appreciated. Here is the final result.

Pinata Costume Completed

It is remarkably heavy, and really hot, so I spent most of my party time in the outside party area, which was fine by me. I’m saving the costume for a possible repeat performance, but it will take a couple of hours of work to restore certain sections (the bendy parts) before it will be presentable again.

For someone who gave her imagination away in the fifth grade, I think I do okay!

What is your best ever Halloween costume? or Am I the only one who rallies against the “sexy” Halloween costume trend?

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