Pet Product Insanity

My favorite types of brain candy posts for this blog are based on random stuff I’ve seen/remembered that fits into one of two categories: advertisements or pets. This week post contains both!

Somehow I fell into a rabbit hole on the internet and ended up on this.

Cat Grooming Bag and Muzzle

Has the inventor this cat grooming bag ever met a cat? Notice that they couldn’t use an actual cat model. And it comes with a FREE cat muzzle. It looks like a more suffocating contraption than the black bags they put over hostages’ heads!

Although Carmen has a definite grumpy side, she is easy to get into carriers. This, however, would not fly. It took weeks to convince her to allow me to put on her harness (and fewer than ten times to figure out how to get out of it!). Unless she was completely sedated, she wouldn’t be in that bag. And with Lemon, no chance! She Garfields cat carriers. Nothing constricting is going on/around that cat.

While on the whole poorly planned pet product idea (love that alliteration!), during a recent trip to the grocery store, I saw this product for sale.

Old Yeller Dog Food

Um, spoiler alert: Old Yeller does not have a cheerful ending. How has no one on the marketing team that came up with this dog food name idea ever seen the film?!?!? Also, who at Disney approved it? I hope s/he was fired. And who on Earth is buying this product? That scares me more than all my other rhetorical questions!

What is your favorite pet product fail? or Has anyone else noticed how dysfunctional all the Disney families are?

2 thoughts on “Pet Product Insanity”

  1. Old Yeller dog food? That’s hilarious. I guess they’re banking on people remembering the first portion of the film rather than the ending. I’ve never actually seen the movie, but even I know how it ends. Well, I guess some people might not mind.


    1. I’m amazed every time I walk by the display at the market. My brainstorming idea was, “We have a license from Disney. We need a good dog tie in.” Old Yeller was the only dog movie they could think of. I do think you are right: they are hoping people don’t remember the horrible, nightmare inducing ending.


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