Movies from Books

While it was looking bleak for a while, I’m finally back in the reading habit, and I’m not too far behind. Whew! The idea that I might not be a reader any more was scaring me. So glad that that is not the case.

Part of what helped turning the tide was when I discovered that the movie The Graduate was based on a book. Holy cow. That was a book I needed to read.

The Graduate by Chalres Webb

Although the movie followed the book almost scene by scene, the movie is better. Throughout the book I wanted to smack Benjamin much more than I wanted to in the movie. The most famous line of the movie doesn’t appear in the book. Also, I was upset at how one dimensional the women were portrayed. Then I thought about it, and the men were also one dimensional. At least it was equal opportunity.

Over the past few years I’ve read several books that became famous movies. I’ve already written about Planet of the Apes. Two other of my adapted screenplay books were True Grit and Logan’s Run.

True Grit by Charles Portis

I’d seen both movie versions of True Grit before I read the book. The Cohen brothers followed the book scene by scene. Mattie was definitely a force to be reckoned with! The book showed how daring she was, and it gave more of the post adventure story. I liked that a lot. Definitely worth the read.

Logan's Run by William Nolan and George Clayton Johnson

Unlike both The Graduate and True Grit, the movie of Logan’s Run was VERY different from the book. It was much more along the lines of what they did to World War Z: the character names were the same, and that’s about it. I was much more impressed with the movie of Logan’s Run than the book.

I loved finding out that these movies were based off of books. I’ve discovered one more that I’ll be reading sometime in the upcoming months. Soylent Green is loosely based on the book Make Room! Make Room! I’ll be sure to give my report.

What has been your favorite movie adaptation of book you’ve enjoyed? or Do you mind when movies basically only take the names of book characters and completely change the story line?

2 thoughts on “Movies from Books”

  1. Soylent Green was based off a book? I had no idea. I’ve actually been quite surprised what movies have been based off books. Did you know Die Hard was based off a book? I learned that a few months ago and it just blew my mind. I knew about the Planet of the Apes, but I also heard they radically changed the ending. I kinda like the movie ending more. In a way, I like when movies change things around because they sometimes make things better.


    1. I didn’t know about Die Hard!!!!!! That has to go on my list!!!!! I like watching the movie first so I can accept their interpretation of the story without feeling biased by the images already in my mind. Knowing that it is an interpretation makes me want to read where it came from. I agree with you that often I like the changes the directors have made.


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