Unexpected Art

A couple weeks ago, I had a much needed massage. It was in a part of town that I am quite familiar with, yet parking was an adventure, so I ended up on a street where I normally don’t travel. I’m so glad I wasn’t too absorbed in getting to my appointment to notice what was around me.

Bronze Animals

The collection of large metal animal sculptures went on for four homes.


It was such an unexpected delight.


I have a walking route near my local library branch that also has a hidden surprise. Often times I do miss it, but I’m always amazed when I notice its beauty. It’s in these types of situations that I feel even more creatively challenged than normal. It never would have dawned on me to have someone create an elephant topiary much, much less be able to create one myself.

Elephant topiary

It would be much clearer if his trunk (on the right hand side) didn’t fade into the background landscaping, and it didn’t look like he had a palm tree growing out of his butt! I never claimed to be a good photographer!

Question for you, when you look at a zip tie, how do you imagine it could be used? I’m rather limited. I see an excellent cat toy. Okay, most things are, but those are among Lemon‘s favorites.

DH2U has put that glorious invention to work in a variety of ways, including fixing our dishwasher silverware holder.

How many of you imagine a building block of a polar bear art sculpture?

Polar Bear Zip Tie Creation

Some people’s vision puts me in awe.

What has been your greatest neighborhood find? or Have you put zip ties to practical (or artistic!) use in your home?

2 thoughts on “Unexpected Art”

  1. That is a really awesome polar bear sculpture. I just really really love things like that. It just takes a normal everyday item and puts it together in a unique, interesting way. It’s for this reason that I love going to sculpture gardens. In fact, I just recently went to one in Dallas. There’s a lot of great things to see there, I recommend it.


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