Common Culture

Somehow at work the other day we were discussing a household where three unrelated adults were living in a two-bedroom house. One of my coworkers asked if the two women were sharing a room and the guy was pretending to be gay. We were off to the races after that.

Three's Company

Suzanne Somers was our overwhelming favorite blonde over the years. The Ropers versus Mr. Furley debate was a bit more heated. Can you tell that we are all of a certain age?

This job and my last one have been the only times in my life when the majority of my coworkers are all in my same age group. There is something automatically bonding about having a shared experience, even if it didn’t happen together. It is nice to be able to make comparisons and have everyone understand it. We get each other.

In my last position, when we were about to move offices, we had a field trip to Ikea to get some new furniture for us to use. One of the chairs we were looking at was called something that sounded a lot like Urkel.


Three of the four of us were 80’s kids; the other was born after we graduated from high school. The poor thing spent the next half hour completely out of the loop as Family Matters jokes flew between us (admittedly she was on her phone and didn’t seem too put out). Even though I’d seen a grand total of one episode, it was such a part of our culture for a while that I learned enough through osmosis to keep up.

When I first started working, I loved being the youngest person in the office. It made me feel special. Now sharing in a common culture meets that need and then some.

Does your workplace share a common popular culture? or The Ropers vs. Mr. Furley: Who was your favorite landlord?

2 thoughts on “Common Culture”

  1. well I’m currently working part time with my husband and we work with another couple – and that’s it. And we’re all exactly the same age and it’s a riot. Isn’t it nice comfort and familiar to be with people who have recall of the same things you do? With pretty much the same life experiences? Jokes come easier. A knowing is there. You understand the same music. It’s one thing I always have to smile about when I see an older man, like much older, hooking up with a much younger woman – especially if the numb-skull left his long wedded spouse for said younger woman…….”good luck with that buddy when she doesn’t “get”a thing you could have continued sharing with your wife, or at least with a woman closer to your age. How long can the sex and arm candy be that bonding? Oops – how did I move from familiar tv shows to sex?


    1. Your miraculously linking tv shows to sex is something I would have done. I often wonder why people who look for cross-generational relationships do it: There is absolutely no common ground. I want someone I could talk to.

      I’m impressed that you and your husband can work together. I don’t know if I’d want to work with DH2U – that is a lot of togetherness! It sounds like you two have struck a balance. Having the other couple probably helps. It sounds like a riot. You don’t have to stop to translate your jokes. How wonderful!


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