Cookie Monster

After I was in such a rush to get my Halloween costume done last year, I decided then and there that I would be better about it this year. I went online and decided what I wanted to be: Cookie Monster. I even bought the first part of my costume on Black Friday.

Cookie Monster Costume Base

In early October my fabulous friends announced that they were throwing a costume party again this year (I won best costume at their party a few years ago). That was my jump start to finish my costume and not just think about it. Online I saw a great headband – allowing me to go as minimalist cookie monster. The reviews of that headband said it fell apart easily. I could make better than that! Famous last words, but at least in this case it worked out. First step buy fake blue fur, check. Second step, buy a headband, check. These steps occurred early October. Third step, buy white round objects and some felt for pupils, check. (These happened the Tuesday before Halloween – thank goodness for deadlines!)

While I was at the store, I was sure I had glue at home. I discovered I was wrong Wednesday night when I went to assemble everything.

So the day before Halloween I went to a big box retailer to buy a glue gun. They were sold out. I had to go back to the craft store where I was Tuesday. I stood in line with 50 new friends to buy my $2 glue gun and 40 glue sticks since that was the only package they had left.  I was a woman on a Cookie Monster mission!

After only burning myself a couple times with hot glue – they aren’t kidding with the “hot” in its name – I had a headband with fur and Cookie Monster eyes.

Cookie Monster headband

I wasn’t pleased with the overall look of my costume, though. I was missing something. I’d bought a lot fur (a whole yard) thinking I might make shoe covers to give myself monster feet, and I decided to move forward with the plan. I took some newspaper and traced around the top of my foot to create a pattern. (Project Runway is rubbing off on me!) Carmen helped me.

Carmen Helping Make Monster Feet

I figured I’d hold them on to the top of my feet with yarn tied under my tennis shoe. Initially I thought I’d use yarn to lace up the back as well, but then I found some stick on velcro in my craft bag. Score! What I ended up with was a no-sew monster shoe cover.

Monster foot

That made me so happy. My costume was almost complete. I made some cookies (vegan in honor of our hosts), and I was ready to go.

I love that everyone knew who I was, even the international guests.

Tammy as Cookie Monster

I don’t have my idea for next year ready, but I’ve started looking around. Maybe this time I won’t be working to deadline again.

What is your favorite costume that you have made? or Were any of my readers still preparing for Halloween the night before?

2 thoughts on “Cookie Monster”

  1. Love the outfit; cookie monster is awesome. I wish I had dressed up this year, but it just wasn’t going to happen with all the other things going on. Plus, my wife and I really didn’t have anywhere to go this year. We didn’t even have time to carve a pumpkin which is something we always try to make time for. But that’s the good thing about Halloween, there’s always another one next year.


    1. It’s only been the last few years where I’ve dressed up for Halloween. You are right – without a party to go to, there isn’t a good reason for it. I’m so glad I have friends so willing to host the party each year.

      It would be great if I could take advantage of Black Friday sales again this year, because there will be another Halloween!


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