Feminism Everywhere

After I wrote my blog post on feminism, I seemed to see references to it everywhere. Isn’t that how it always works?

A couple memorable expressions have stuck in my head as my Google surfing has taken me down some fun rabbit holes. The first I saw on a website designed to empower little girls. It read, “Be the hero in your own life story.”

Be The Hero of Your Own Life Story

Although I read that months ago, it keeps coming back to me. There have definitely been times in my life where I haven’t been the main character: I was at best a side kick, or at worst, a cameo.

I remember when I first started dancing, I hated Latin dancing because so much of it was dancing out of a closed dance position. I didn’t want to call attention to myself. I felt that in standard dancing, I could hide better because we were always dancing as a unit. I wanted the dancing to be all about him.

Tammy Latin Early Days
Although I was the focus of this shot, I really wasn’t owning it

One day a light clicked on and I wanted to be seen and noticed. I wasn’t hiding behind Kurt any more and was ready to step up into being the main character. I wanted to be the center of attention. That was a big mental break through for me.

Tammy Owning It - Latin Dance
What a difference confidence makes!

From then on, as we watched videos of the top dancers in the world, I was focused only on the movements of the women. Many times Kurt would ask what I thought about the men’s movements, and I would honestly answer that I hadn’t paid attention: They’re just waiting around for the star to come back, right?

Have all of you seen the GoldieBlox ad for their engineering toys for girls? Go ahead and watch it!


There is a line in there that makes my heart sing: We are all more than princess maids! I’m trying to remember what exactly I played with growing up – I know it wasn’t princess-y. Although I had Barbies, I wasn’t that big into playing with them more than dressing them up. I had legos, but other than making the floor a dangerous place to walk, I don’t remember doing too much with those either. There was my hula hoop! But wait, computer games: that’s the ticket! I remember having an old Atari and playing that forever, and my Commodore 64. That is where my childhood went! I wasn’t a very girly girl.

Were your childhood past times in line with gender stereotypes? or Are you the main character in your life story?

6 thoughts on “Feminism Everywhere”

  1. I like the idea of seeing yourself as a hero in your own story. Maybe that’s because I do a lot of reading so it resonates with me more. Anyway, I’ve always thought that we should think of our lives as a story because I focus on making memories, in other words stories. That’s what I think is great about life, when you can look back on the things you’ve done and be amazed that you actually did it.


    1. Growing up I never related to the main character of any of the kid books: They were always about the rule breakers. I was not one of those. I felt a since of kinship with the older sisters or nerdy best friends in the background.

      Now I am learning to better appreciate the things I have done and those spectacular experiences I have had. I am definitely looking forward to sharing all these stories at the senior center!


  2. Oh girl – look at those gams! I can’t get past that. You are just beautiful and such poise. Wow! So, I was pretty much a girly, girl too. Loved my Barbies and used to play with Troll dolls. I rode my bike everywhere though and loved to snowski and waterski. Even when I was knee high to the proverbial grasshopper. I have two daughters and now in the last few years – 4 granddaughters and I want them to be strong, “own-it” women someday. Nurturing is a lovely thing to do and is good for our spirit – as long as it is balanced with nurturing ourselves in the mix. That’s what so many women tend to ignore.


    1. Thanks so much, Barbara. Looking at those pictures it’s hard to believe I was ever that thin or that in shape! My sweet tooth is making up for the years I tried to ignore it to look like that.

      I agree with you that self-nurturing is vital and so often left by the wayside for our gender. Will we ever learn?


  3. In reality, I’m definitely a support character when I consider the epic saga of my life – so many characters share the stage.

    But in the ongoing movie of my life, I am definitely the tragic heroine. 🙂

    Love learning about your life as a dancer!


    1. I love that you have an ongoing movie of your life. I hope you have cast yourself well!

      It’s good to hear feedback about my topics. I have a few dancing posts coming up over the next few months. Glad to hear people aren’t tired of hearing about my heyday!


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