I am hilarious … at least to me. I crack myself up all the time. Then again, I am easily amused. I’ve always viewed that as a positive thing – I laugh all the time.

I was so excited to learn that Wil Wheaton is also easily amused! AND to add to my geek-out, Sheldon on Big Bang Theory recently admitted to finding himself hilarious! I am in excellent company.

But before I go any further, I need to clarify. There are some things I find quite unfunny. There’s Something About Mary is one of them.

There's Something about Mary

 I turned the film off at the half way point because I hadn’t cracked a smile once and spent most of that time horrified.

That isn’t to say that I don’t like silly movies. Team America is one of my all-time favorites. I even own a copy!

I guess to be more accurate, I appreciate my own sense of humor (a lot!) and find lots of things in daily life to lift my spirits.

Things guaranteed to crack me up:

1. Voicing the cats’ thoughts. You already know about my cat’s writing ability, but you don’t know that a couple years ago I started a running commentary of what the cats are thinking. After asking Carmen to use her words instead of just glaring at me to no avail, I decided to give her words myself. Normally it is simply, “You suck,” but occasionally they have more insightful things to say – “I dare you to squirt me one more time just because I am putting my butt where you prepare food. Go ahead, try it. Just remember, I know where you sleep!”

2. Auto correct, but only one in particular. I often text “Holy crap.” My new cell phone has decided that that is a typo and corrects it to read “Holy Carp.” That correction makes me laugh, so I never fix it. I keep thinking of the WKRP episode when their mascot is a giant carp.

WKRP  Mascot

3. When I am IMing and type “LOL,” an laughing icon appears that giggles. Each time I type it and it giggles, I giggle. My sister, Rebecca, has caught on, though. If I type LOL for seemingly no reason, she asks about the giggle. I guess I have to ration those out more!

What are some of the things in daily life that crack you up? or How many of my readers are old enough to remember WKRP?

12 thoughts on “Cracked”

  1. Oh yes, laughing at the little things. I do that, but I don’t have anything I laugh at regularly like auto correct. Just sometimes i get in moods when tiny stupid things just crack me up. I sometimes wonder if my sense of humor is just a little off from others because I’ll find ordinary dumb things funny and others won’t understand it. I guess humor is subjective so there is bound to be some differences. Speaking of that, I remember finding There’s Something About Mary funny, but that was so long ago and i haven’t seen it since then. My opinion may have changed on it.


    1. You are right: Humor is subjective. Like you I have days where everything is hilarious and others where nothing is.

      I’m glad to see that there is another appreciator of the silliness of like things around us.


  2. I tried to watch the spider, but I had to turn it off. I am so afraid of spiders, I started having an anxiety attack, right away. But my Husband watched it and he said it was hysterical.

    Nothing cracks me up like autocorrect. I entertain myself and my best friend endlessly with those. We often leave them in on purpose because they are just so funny. My Husband and I often get a kick out of making the cats “talk.” Always fun.

    I remember WKRP…although I seem to remember my Mom not wanting us to watch it because of it’s “questionable” material. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard at a TV show as I do at Big Bang. Friends was the other one that always cracked me up. But Big Bang is hysterical. I never could see the humor in Something About Mary. I always figured I just didn’t get it. And I love a good silly movie as much as the next person…just not that one.

    Meanwhile. Wil Wheaton has a blog? Best find of the day.


    1. I’m glad your husband thought the spider video Sarae shared was funny. Sorry you were freaked out by it. You’re going to want to skip a blog post I do in a couple weeks where I talk about spiders!

      I guess Loni Anderson’s cleavage could be considered racey!

      Big Bang Theory has me laughing through the entire show.


  3. Holy carp?! I love that. One of my friends was texting me and autocorrect changed every “I” she typed to “Big”. So, it not only sounded like she was talking about herself, but she was referring to herself as a gangster! So, now we both refer to her as Big. Holy carp, do we have fun!


    1. I thought my autocorrect was bad! It does sound like you and “Big” have fun, especially if she appreciates her phone’s sense of humor! That is pretty gangster, says the lily white woman!!!!


  4. I have the driest sense of humor around. Many things I find funny, or crack myself up with – I receive blank stares from others. But when someone gets me, they get me. Holy Carp Tammy, I get you.


  5. I love auto correct, too. Holy Carp. I like when I accidentally type “-tion” as “-tino,” as in “instructino,” “exclamatino,” or even “descriptino.” It’s the best.

    I didn’t particularly find There’s Something About Mary funny, either.


    1. -Tino! What an excellent new spelling technique!!! I might have to intentionally use that in the future.

      I’m so glad I’m not alone with not liking “There’s Something about Mary.” When it first came out, I was the only one in my group of friends who didn’t like it.


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