This time of year always reminds me of when I was in the dating scene. The beginning of each new year is like that brief period before a first date: All the possibility in the world was still there, and no one had done anything to mess anything up!

In front of us awaits 2014. There is no way to tell what it will bring.

2014 Calendar
Thanks for the calendar, Ma!

The not knowing makes it a huge surprise for us. Even if I had a crystal ball, I would never look to see where I’d be in the future. The road to getting there is the best part – not knowing where each turn in the path might take me makes the journey worthwhile! Okay, I have expressed an interest in wanting to know which career path to follow … but I’d never want to know where it ends up!

For the most part, my goals for the new year involve me being open to new experiences and opportunities that might arise. I’ve felt my Adventure Girl spirit waning as my life is getting busier and busier. That can’t happen. It is too big a part of the person I want to be.

The only actual resolution I’m making is renewing the one that was so successful for me this year: My reading goal. I pledged to read 26 books this year. That is exactly how many I read (plus I’ve started my 27th), not including my 14 audio books. I like being able to say that reading is a priority in my life and have my actions back that up.  Next year I wish to match this year’s totals to prove it wasn’t a fluke.

As I think back to where I was this time last year, I wouldn’t have believed the series of events that life had in store for me this year. I love that I am willing to take giant leaps and roll with the punches whatever the results. I hope that at the end of next year I will stand amazed at all that happened and all that I learned in 2013.

What are your resolutions for 2014? or If you had a crystal ball, would you take a peak at your future?

6 thoughts on “Possibility”

  1. I don’t really have any resolutions for the coming year. I tend to make changes as I go throughout the year so I really don’t have any when the New Year comes. But I can say that the New Year will start with an adventure. By the end of January, my wife and I are flying to Amsterdam and traveling around the region for a while. We want to hit the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. It should be great and I feel it’s a great way to bring in the new year.


    1. How wonderful that you will be starting the year off with a trip – what a great way to kick things off! I loved Amsterdam. I was there for New Year’s Eve the year the Euro went into circulation. NYE = Kronos, NY Day = Euros. Overnight all the ATMs switched over. It was very odd and cool!


  2. I like your thoughts on this, Tammy. I am not much of a resolution maker, either. I have some personal development goals to focus on for the year, but not what you’d consider typical resolutions. I love your commitment to reading. I have to be honest and say out loud that I USED to be a voracious reader. Now, I struggle to find time (or moments that I’m awake) to just sit and read what I want to. I do read a lot – articles, news, things to prep for school lessons – but not as much of what I simply WANT to read for pure pleasure. I miss it. And I do have a huge “to be read” pile…so perhaps it’s time to start MAKING time for it again.


    1. For years, particularly after grad school, I didn’t read much at all, maybe a few books a year. I always thought of myself as a reader, but I wasn’t reading. You are so right that it is a case of making time. I feel so much better when I do. I’m always amazed at how those little black squiggles on the page can transport to another world!


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