Bragging or Complaining

Now that I am back on the right track with eating and exercising, I am often discovering sore muscle groups.

Throughout my dance training with Kurt, whenever I commented about being sore, he always asked the same question: Are you bragging or complaining? The answer was almost always “bragging.”

The other day I was rubbing my sore abs when I came up with a really cool idea of how our bodies should work: muscles should glow different colors depending on how hard they had been exercised. Talk about encouragement to work out harder! How cool would that be?

Glowing Muscles
I hope it wouldn’t involve turning all of me blue!

DH2U seemed unimpressed, but I would be all over that option! There would be a reward for every workout. Since it’s still early days in my strength training routine, I’m not getting enough feedback yet from my body to show that it is working and therefore encourage me to keep going. Fortunately, I’m stubborn and want this, so I will continue.

Of course, I’m not 20 any more and have to be very careful to not aggravate my always looming tendinitis. That sounds so old! Don’t laugh or I’ll have to shuffle over and hit you with my cane …. if I could raise my arms over my head because they are sore right now!

Little victories are what make Tammy’s world go round. It’s those tiny signs that let me know that what I’m doing is heading me in the right direction: The scale finally budging; clothes fitting better; the hilly walk seeming much easier; and of course the sore muscles.

I have a habit of doing this: getting into pretty good shape during the winter when I’m wearing bulky sweaters (yes we do wear cold weather clothing in Southern California, when it’s a bone chilling 50 degrees!). Then life normally intervenes and habits fade away before shorts come out. Hopefully this year will break the mold and be able to maintain this … at least long enough for me to be able to have a noticeable difference in the amount of muscle tone!

What do you think of my glowing muscle idea? or How do you keep going in a new routine when you aren’t yet seeing results?

10 thoughts on “Bragging or Complaining”

  1. Oh, I need muscles. I have none. Well, I can stand up, so clearly I have some doing the job, but none you can see! This is my next priority. See if I can find some of those muscles I once had. What are you doing to rediscover yours?


    1. I learned ages ago that I dislike doing strength training at the gym. Instead what I do is I spend 10 minutes each morning doing strength training exercises. I normally only use my own body weight for resistance, or the resistance bands I got during physical therapy (they are maybe $5). I cycle through lower body, abs, and upper body, one group per day. Nothing gets too overworked, thus causing a tendinitis flare-up, but it also is enough to start seeing results, and I would definitely have some glowing muscles!

      Once I realized that it can be done in that short period of time, it made it easier to talk myself into. “It’s only 10 minutes” is a strong motivator.


  2. I think that glowing muscle idea is fantastic. Not only would you know what you did well, but you could so easily see what needs more work and focus some attention there. I’ve recently found a great “it’s only ten minutes” program I like. When I’m feeling lousy, I can convince myself that ten minutes is over before I realize it and if I still feel lousy, I can be done with it. Often, though, I find myself feeling much better and opt for one or two more ten minute workouts. Yay.

    Of course, you know, other days I stay in bed an extra thirty minutes. So I need those glowing muscles.


    1. The 10 minute workout format is getting pretty popular. I know it works for me. It sounds like we are not alone in liking it. Glowing muscles would keep me going on mornings when 10 minutes sounds too hard!

      I like your idea about using them to get a balance. I could see how tempting it would be to get a few really bright instead of a slight glow all over. Okay, I am really over thinking this now!


  3. I love the glowing muscle idea – it’d be encouraging. They feel like they’re glowing after working them, so why not glow? How do I keep going? Baby steps and small victories, like you said. Not so much on the scale – but pants feeling a little better and going the same distance our route and having it be easier. More energy too – that’s motivating to me.


    1. The extra energy is a huge selling point for keeping it up. It always amazes me how exercising can actually create energy, not just burn it.

      Now if I could just get those muscles to cooperate with my master plan and glow!


  4. I like the glowing muscles idea! And you could always cover them up with clothing if you were too embarrassed about showing them off.

    I try to do yoga twice a week and a weightlifting class once a week. I also walk 4 miles with a friend 5 days a week. I still gain weight when I eat too much, and it usually happens right about now, when I’ve spent far too much time indulging in comfort foods and not enough healthy options.


    1. Too embarrassed?!?!?!? I’d were uber-sheer clothing to show them off! Well, unless it’s cold. I don’t like cold.

      Good for you for staying so active. As you know, that has been a challenge for me. I might have a solution for now …. stay tuned for more details!


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