Moon Beams

One of the many nice things about having my own blog is I can try out new things (look at me being Adventure Girl!).

For the last few months I’ve had the same idea for a post, and I want to try out a new narration style. Thanks for your patience as I stretch my writing legs a bit.

The Moon

Sitting all alone high in the morning sky, the strikingly full moon looked lonely. It sat there as if it had forgotten to go home when all its celestial friends left the sky after the nightly recess-is-over bell rang.

Its mood seemed to change, however, as I started driving to work. It played with me, playing hide and go seek behind trees and mountains, occasionally peaking out to make sure I was still there and searching for it.

Full Moon in Morning Sky
Thanks, Deb, for letting me use this awesome picture!

Watching its playful spirit made me smile. What a wonderful way to start the day!

The game switched to keep away for the last part of my journey to work. It seemed like if I drove just that little bit farther I’d be able to touch it. It stayed with me all the way to my office. I felt as if a puppy had followed me home. “Mom, can I keep it?”

But grown up responsibilities got in the way, and I had to go into the building, leaving the moon alone. It was gone when I went out to check on it at my break. I hope it found someone else to follow.


When was the last time you noticed the moon following you? or What seemingly mundane natural object fills you with joy?

9 thoughts on “Moon Beams”

  1. I always say that our blogs are for ourselves first and our readers second, so enjoy the heck out of your writing and experimenting. I love your moon story, and I love seeing the moon during the day! I get pretty excited about all things natural, but probably the thing most would consider mundane is rain. We usually get between 3 and 5 inches per YEAR, so every time we get a few drops, it is like a miracle and I am overjoyed.


    1. And I thought our 7-10 inches of rain a year was a little. Wow! I can see why you would see every drop as precious. I think I have forgotten what rain is exactly, since now is our dry season.

      I agree with your sentiment that we write for ourselves first. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that reads it, though!


  2. I love that you’re stretching your writing legs, and I’m glad that you invited us along!

    I can picture you and the moon playing together as you drive to work, then saying goodbye when you get there. Great imagery!


  3. This is a fun change of pace. It’s good to stretch yourself as a writer. I’ve always had a fascination with the moon and the stars. Well, actually the whole night sky. One of my favorite things to do is look up and wonder about life, the universe and everything that goes on inside of it. There’s so much vast empty space and we’re just a little corner of it. Anyway, I think I might be rambling a little.


    1. It was fun to try something new. So glad it was fun to read as well!

      I definitely geek out about space things as well, although I was a late bloomer to that topic. It is hard to get my mind around how big the universe is … and therefore how small I am.


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