Post Its to the Rescue

Some days I get so frustrated at the little things that I can’t see the forest through the trees any more. Actually, I’d probably deny that there is a forest because my focus has no big picture setting.


When I would get like this when dancing, Kurt always told me frustration was a choice. Unfortunately for him, frustrated Tammy is not the most receptive audience. It’s all about timing!

My latest batch of bashing my head against the wall was over this blog. I try really hard to provide variety in the types of posts that I publish. I know that most people (who am I kidding – no one) would notice if I slacked on my diligence, but I would know. The calendaring program I use for scheduling here only shows the titles of a limited number of posts and post ideas (not all of them are written out yet) onscreen at a time. The problem I keep having is my posts normally cross category types. Moving one post might affect the placement of four to five others. I simply couldn’t visualize where each post should go.

Since this is my year of eliminating annoyances, I switched into problem solving mode. My mom would be proud. The first solution to come to mind was only have one topic per post. After I stopped laughing at the absurdity of that one, I went back to the drawing board. Literally.

Ages ago I discovered a website that gave users the opportunity to create a virtual corkboard with post it notes. I love post it notes! I love creating idea boards. What a perfect site for me! Except it wasn’t. Since I couldn’t physically touch the notes and manipulate them, my brain rejected it. It didn’t fill the need. Fortunately, though, it did tell me what was needed: an old school solution.

Post its to the Rescue

Going back to actual post its worked like a charm. I could see where all the blog posts were, and since I could write all the topics covered by the post on the sticky, organizing became a piece of cake … at least in comparison. The weight of a ton of tiny frustrations was taken off my shoulders.

I think most problems can be solved with either post it notes or duct tape or both!

How did you break your last frustration cycle? or Am I the only one that finds old school solutions most effective?

5 thoughts on “Post Its to the Rescue”

  1. No, Tammy – you’re not the only one. I’m a tactile person. I do better when I can touch something and move something. Some of my writing I still like to do with (ack!) a pen and notebook of paper. It slows me down and gives my mind time to keep up with what I’m putting down.

    And what you have pictured above is exactly how I wrote my novel. I had one of those big poster boards that are tri-folded (like I think kids use them for science fair projects) and made a grid and had different colored post it notes for different characters and would move them through the story that way. It worked for me.

    So I guess I’m visual and tactile. It’s why I also love to quilt.


    1. I’m not alone! I love those tri-fold boards. What a clever solution to literally mapping everything out.

      How did I not know you wrote a novel?!?!?!?


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