Groundhog Day

Saturday was Ground Hog Day. Punxsutawney Phil, the lovable king-sized rodent, did not see his shadow, thus we should have an early spring.

Punxsutawney Phil
Thank you, NPR, for such a wonderful picture.

Up until 1989, any references to Groundhog Day were actually about the forecast. Now, those of us that are old enough , think of living through the same day over and over, thanks to the movie.

I love this movie. While the clothes definitely date it, the story line is still delightful. For me, my favorite scene is when Bill Murray’s character, Phil, is trying to relive the perfect date with Rita. The whole thing is forced and lacking the spontaneity that made the first time a success.  This is enjoyable for the viewer, although the same can’t be said for any of the participants. Here are some cool facts about the movie that you might not have known.

It fascinates me to discover cases that prove how dynamic the English language it is. The modern usage of “gay” and “making love” would have been shocking to people 100 years ago.

I thought of another example of a shift of word meaning during my lifetime. On the trip out to my snowy adventure, a mechanical issue delayed the flight, eliminating nearly all of my 35 minute layover. Of course my next plane was at the far end of the terminal from where I landed. With no other viable options, I pulled an OJ Simpson at the airport. No, I didn’t murder an ex or commit armed robbery. Back in the day, as I’m sure most of you can remember, OJ Simpson was a clean cut, positive role model. He had a television commercial (I’m sure you aren’t surprised that I don’t know for what company) in which he sprinted through the airport to return a forgotten item. That was me, running down the moving sidewalks, so thankful that my roller suitcase was remaining upright, trying desperately to simultaneously ignore the fact that my shoe lace was untied and not trip over it. From what I remember of the ad, OJ wasn’t huffing and puffing during his efforts, so maybe it wasn’t a completely apt analogy, but you get the picture.

What is your favorite change in meaning of an English word? or Why do I suddenly have “I Got You Babe” stuck in my head?

8 thoughts on “Groundhog Day”

  1. I get myself in trouble with my kids by announcing that someone will be “hooking up” later. What I mean is that they will be getting together, meeting. My kids have assured me this is not what I am saying.


    1. I had never heard of that change! Thanks for that. If I volunteer at a senior center, I’ll be very paranoid that something innocent I’m saying will have a racier meaning than what I expected!


  2. I heard that the groundhog didn’t see his shadow yesterday and I’m grateful. I’m already ready for Spring. It’s been a short winter, but harsh for me. I could do with a lot less snow.

    The only other thing I have to say is that I love Groundhog Day, the movie. I’ve seen it about a dozen times and could probably watch it another dozen times. There’s something about it that makes it so funny, heartwarming and funny. it’s definitely charmed me. Oh great, now I have “I Got You Babe” stuck in my head too. Oh well, it’s a pretty cool song.


    1. Our winter has been very strange, bouncing from unseasonably warm to unseasonably cold. I’m trying to appreciate the coolness that has settled in, since I know I’ll be complaining about the heat soon enough

      Groundhog Day is a spectacular movie. Sorry about the mind worm with the song. Isn’t it weird how our brain does that?


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