New to Me

Back when I was new to trying new things (when I was planning to be spontaneous), one thing I would do was plan to try a new-to-me food and recipe each month.

I just so happened that this month I’ve done both without really trying.

Technically, the new-to-me food was a variety of one I’d previously tried and hated. I think that should get me bonus points! Before my snowy adventure, Hillary gave me a goody basket that included some not yet ripe persimmons. I’d tried a persimmon once before, and quite honestly, I’d spat it out.

Well, the fruit sat out doing its ripening thing. As the new year turned, they were ripe.

I consulted the almighty Google for recipes to make these edible. That is when I discovered that there are two types. Evidently, if they are shaped like apricots, run away, but if they are short and squat, they are meant to be eaten raw.

Short and squat and oh so yummy raw!
Short and squat and oh so yummy raw!

With this knowledge I cut into one and stared at it. Finally I told myself I was being stupid and just tried it. OMG!!!!! It was delicious! I want a persimmon tree! Who cares that I don’t have a yard?

My new-to-me recipe involved learning a new skill. After discovering grape leaves at an ethnic market near my office, I decided to try my hand at making dolmas. I followed the recipe for the innards, but the instructions for wrapping them up made no sense … and a big mess. Finally I went to YouTube and found a video that showed a woman rolling dolma after dolma.


That helped me tremendously! I was then able to roll my own tasty creations. Although they didn’t turn out perfectly (I did have two casualties during the cooking phase), they were still quite yummy and worth making again.


The process reminded me a lot of my tamale making attempt: both are labor intensive and things can go horribly wrong. I was far from perfect on my first go, but I enjoyed the process and look forward to getting better at it.

What is your newest food discovery? or What was your favorite food fail?

4 thoughts on “New to Me”

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever had a persimmon in my life! (Those grape leaves look good. I’ve never tried making them, myself.)

    I’m trying to recall the last food discovery. Hmm. I attended a Colombian-Mexican Xmas Eve dinner with some flavors and combinations I hadn’t had before… all delicious. You’re making me realize I need to try something new! Any suggestions? (Maybe the grape leaves?)


  2. I’ve tried persimmon once. And it was actually fairly recent that I did it. It was good, but won’t be my favorite food. I’d definitely eat it again.

    I guess my food fail is brussell sprouts. I remember it clearly. It was several years ago on Thanksgiving and I thought I would give this food a try. And it was awful. It actually made me a little sick. Now, it’s quite possible I had a bad one, but I guess I don’t want to risk trying again. Maybe I should give it another try.


    1. How brave of you to be willing to give brussel spouts another try. The trick to brussel sprouts is to roast them in the oven. Don’t steam or boil them or else they are bitter slimy things. Yuck! And this is from a brussel sprout lover!


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