Living Together

One of the submissions I received for my birthday guest blogger posts I thought would be better suited to mark a different special day.

Two years ago this weekend, DH2U moved in with me. It violated one of my self-imposed rules (and we all know what I think of rules), but once again, breaking them was a great decision.

Kurt, dance instructor extraordinaire, wrote the following about a conversation we had just before DH2U moved in:

There comes a time after you’ve known someone for a long time when you ask yourself, “Why do I know that person?” or sometimes even, “Why the heck do I like them?”

Well, in Tammy’s case, it’s simple: She’s one of the most REAL people I know.

Kurt and Tammy
My guest blogger, Kurt, and me

Case and Point: There was a girl who met a guy and liked him a lot….

Sometime later comes this conversation:

“So, we are thinking about moving in together.”

“Cool! Are you excited?”

“Well, I like that idea, but I’m not sure yet.”

“Really, why?”

“Well, if he moves in, he’ll get to know me more intimately, and he’ll find out, I fart … a lot !”

What would you call a girl like that? I call her very real! Either that, or just very gassy….

Remember, gas gets worse as you get older, or so they tell me!



As soon as received this story from Kurt, after I caught my breath from laughing so hard, I read it to DH2U, which prompted this conversation:

“You didn’t tell me about that!”

“The conversation or the gas?”


“Would it have made a difference?”

“The gas part, maybe,” said with a smile one could never be mad at.

Thank you, Kurt, for the memory, and DH2U for either not noticing or lying about it!

When have you broken a person rule, and it turned out to be a wonderful decision? Or, do you think I’ll eventually learn not to give friends a writing prompt of, ” I’d like to have stories (and up to moderately embarrassing pictures) of me written by others”?

3 thoughts on “Living Together”

  1. well, tammy, just another way we’re related…..gas and all. Nuff said. What an adorable picture of you and DH2U. I think that acronym for him is one of the first things that endeared your writing (and you) to me. What personal rule have I broken that turned out to be a wonderful decision? oh my…..can I count the ways?? Divorce. quitting a job everyone thought I was nuts to quit. And quitting a religion most people who knew me thought I was a pillar in. Who knew? I have a kindred feeling for rule breakers….


    1. I hadn’t realized that the picture could be misleading as to its contents, so I added in a caption. That picture of Kurt and me was taken after my first dance competition. DH2U will remain anonymous.

      Good for you for your rule breaking! At least for me it is so scary when I do it, but soooooo rewarding when it turns out even better than I had hoped.


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