Soda Love Affair

I have to confess again (it really does feel better to get things off my chest), my 5 A Day post was a bit misleading. I do eat a fairly nutritious diet; however, my lack of willpower is not my only fault in this area.

My caramel-colored elixir … the bubbly, caffeine-infused seductress. I love this stuff …

Tammy holding a can of diet soda

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know the dangers of artificial sweeteners and the effects of the acid on my teeth … and to honest, I don’t care. (Not caring is aided by the fact that my dental hygienist doesn’t believe I’m a soda drinker because it doesn’t show.)   I love how the bubbles calm my frequently sore throat (thank you allergies) and how good they feel in my mouth. I love the taste – I’m now pretty much Coke or Pepsi agnostic; however, I prefer the “Zero” blend of each than the regular “Diet”.  And when I was dancing, the fact that for me it is an appetite suppressant was an added bonus.

In high school and college, the non-diet version was constant companion – breakfast, lunch, dinner. Lately it’s been about 2 cans a day: some days more, seldom less.

There have been times in my life when I have gone without: While I lived in England, I simply didn’t have the money for soda, so it became a MAJOR treat when I would rarely go out somewhere.

Also, a couple years ago I looked at how much money I was spending on soda each month (before I took the break in keeping track) and decided it was too high, so I cut it out. I white knuckled it for 5 LONG weeks. Then I reviewed the situation. While I could feel superior for not drinking it, I would rather be one of the unwashed masses and go back off the wagon. In my perception (the one that really mattered in this decision), my life was better with soda.

A while back, I went in to the office fridge to pull out one of my cans, and I realized that it didn’t sound good. Huh? Okay, so I went about my work, and at the time when I normally have my second can, once again, it didn’t sound good.

I’m not a coffee drinker, and soda is how I get my caffeine, so I was waiting for the headache to start, but it never did. Next day came and went, still no desire for soda and no headache.

On the third day I became really philosophical about it. What does it mean that I don’t want it and that my body is making it so easy to say no? The sceptical side of me said it is because we are in between allergy seasons and my sore throat had been gone for more than a week. My brain was trying to make something significant out of it, and then I realized I just needed to get a life!

Considering this is one of my rare vices – never smoked, and drink maybe a couple times a year – I figure I could have worse things to worry about.

I went four days off before diving back in (sore throat made the decision for me). It did feel weird to crack open a can again at that point. I don’t see myself swearing off this nectar of the g-ds permanently, but I also don’t want to be drinking it just out of habit.

What habits have you spontaneously broken? What ones do you not feel the need to break? Do you say “soda” or “pop” or ….?

3 thoughts on “Soda Love Affair”

  1. I’m really bad with the diet coke. I have 2 or 3 cans a day. I know all the evils too….my daughters have given up on warning me of its evils. Partly because I told them I’m perfectly aware of the litany of chemicals involved but that they are outnumbered by the litany of little joys I get from drinking it. I totally hear you on the bubbles going down. I love the fizz. And it has to be from a can into a glass of ice. If it’s flat, like sometimes in a restaurant, I’ll send it back. Hear, hear to one of life’s little vices!


    1. I think we really are related … maybe even separated at birth! Flat soda, which to me is simply not as bubbly as I want it, is completely undrinkable! For me, though, it has to be straight out of the can because the very act of pouring it over ice flattens it.

      I am raising my can to vice!


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