My Adaptation

As I mentioned in my review of Cowboys and Aliens, I love getting free passes to movie reviews. One of the first one of these “sneak peaks” that I ever went to was while I was living in England, and I won passes to Adaptation.  If you haven’t seen it (and since it has been a decade since its release I think it is safe to give a mild spoiler), the main character is tasked with writing a screenplay adaptation of a novel, yet he keeps writing himself into the story.

Adaptation Movie Poster

While for me the issue isn’t writing myself into blog posts (I’m already there!), so often I start a blog post and it takes a life of its own – going completely in the wrong direction and I can’t tie it all together. Sometimes I’m able to back up and get a running start at it again, and then I’m able to clear the hurdle. Unfortunately some good but rather random bits are left in the rubble.

I hope you don’t mind sudden shifts of thought, as this will be a bumpy ride as I share some of my favorite blog post ambushing clips that I rescued from “delete”:


Many members of my family are able to think quickly on their feet. This is a trait I have always admired … and do not possess. I personally think it should be socially acceptable that when you think of the perfectly witty response three days later that you should be able to call them up and tell them. When recounting situations to friends I always throw in those late arriving witticisms … letting my friends know that my initial response was “Oh Yeah?”.

Chatty Hiney

I have an ap on my phone (okay a year ago I wouldn’t have been able to say that or really understand what it means – I feel so “hip”!) that allows me to type in messages to myself. Yup, I have an electronic notepad. I’m glad I spent so much for it! But back to the point … as I am out and about and am inspired by an idea for a blog post, I write it down in this ap. The other day I was looking through these notes, and I stumbled across this one: “Yekkidw wallb”.  It’s official, my butt is now leaving me messages!  My butt is known for calling my friends, and now I get to appreciate its talents first hand!

Same Date?

Like most of us who didn’t find their special person early in life, I had some really bad dates. REALLY bad dates. The crazy thing is some of those horrific wastes of time and makeup were actually great dates for the other party. I guess it should have been flattering that someone would have thought that a train-wreck of a date was the best they’d been on in a long time, but to me it simply felt sad. I came up with a phrase to describe it that I still use to describe the phenomenon with my single friends: We weren’t on the same date. It is very much like the feeling I got when taking a lecture hall class with 300 other students. I felt like I knew the professor incredibly well based on his dynamic style, but in bumping into him on campus, I realized he didn’t recognize me at all. His perception of the class had no relation to mine.

I hope you can see why I didn’t want these to wallow on the cutting room floor. Every time I saw them in my notes pile I smiled… and I wanted to share that.

2 thoughts on “My Adaptation”

  1. Ahhh Tammy – you always make me smile. And this morning with your talented butt and initial witty knee jerk reactions of “oh yeah” were no exception. I classically come up with great witty responses a few hours late.

    And perception is everything, isn’t it? Like some guy thinking you had a great connection when you didn’t…like a professor not knowing your name when you’re sure there WAS a connection. Been there on both. I’m glad you retrieved these. I think random thoughts are the best.

    BTW (do you want to know how hip I feel typing BTW?) – I use a voice recorder app on my phone when I have those thoughts for blog posts. I had 27 of them by the time I got back to Colorado after a long road trip home from California and Arizona. This is probably a better choice than writing a note to myself when driving. Yes?


    1. Barbara, my butt and I are so pleased that you enjoyed the post!

      I really like your idea of the voice recorder app! So much better for driving – all of us thank you for that! I know if I try to wait to long to record an idea, no matter how many times I go over it in my head or how sure I am that I will remember it, that it just slips away. And with the voice recorder, just think of all the messages my butt could leave!!!!


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