Gift of Time

We finally were given back the hour so brutally stolen from us in the spring. I know, for normal people, the time changes aren’t that bad. But for me they are horrible!


Picture of a woman's eye with a clock superimposed on iris.

I have an incredibly sensitive internal clock. It is only about once a month that I wake up in the morning to my alarm… I’m normally there petting my cat waiting for it to start playing the news. Also, I can lay down for a nap and think, “I want to wake up in an hour and half”. As long as I look at the clock before I close my eyes, I wake up an hour and a half later, maybe a couple minutes early. So you can see why my body is so confused by the artificial adjustments to the schedule.

But this past weekend we were given a rare gift: the gift of time.

(We won’t go into how, like with tax returns, it is actually giving us back something that was ours that they held on to without interest! Okay, maybe I already did with my first paragraph, but who’s actually paying attention anyway?!?!?)

I haven’t spent my hour yet. I’m saving it! A couple years ago I saved it for nearly a month! Yes, you guessed it: I had neither a life nor a boyfriend at that point. I simply decided to live on Daylight Savings Time longer. I got up at the same time as before and went to bed the same time as before. The fact that the wake up was then in the 4 o’clocks and the bedtime was in the 8 o’clocks didn’t bother me at all. Then, after all of that work, what did I do with my hour? I slept and got caught back up to other people’s time.

I probably will end up spending my precious hour on sleep at one point. Right now, I’m enjoying the early morning quiet and have so many things planned (some fun, some practical) for that peaceful place that I will have until I cash in my time.

How did you spend your hour?

6 thoughts on “Gift of Time”

  1. None of that helps when your iternal clock gets you at 2 instead of 3am. I absolutely hate this artificial time change that the government imposes on us. It’s cruel inhumane and unneccesary!!


    1. Hi, Ma! Welcome! I wish we could find the right pixie dust that would help you sleep in to say 6 each day. Hmmmmmm…. maybe you should move to Europe! That would be 5-6 hours later!

      Your early mornings are an added benefit for you on Black Friday, though: It’s not ridiculously early for you!


  2. I just got a little extra writing done. Boring. What I DO like is that it’s light earlier in the morning. I’m a morning person and it’s nice to have the sun popping up a bit sooner. Dark here in Colorado by 5:00 though – that’s rough. But did you see the moon tonight? Wow – I had to go out and walk beneath it. Before the snow flies. I’m a few days late coming to this post – so I hope your internal clockwork has adjusted by now.


    1. A fellow morning person!!!!! In an ideal world, I wake up when the sun does. It makes it hard in the winter to drive to work in the dark.

      I’ve actually decided that I get the gift of an hour every single day until I spend it. I was wide awake at my DST time this morning. I wrote a couple holiday cards and then went to the gym (normally an after-work activity). I do feel myself catching up with time this weekend, though, because I’m rather tired now that I’m about to start work!

      Thanks for the heads up about the moon! It was cloudy last night, so I didn’t notice it, but on my drive in it was only thinly veiled by clouds and looked marvelous!


  3. I’m still waking up early and going to bed early, too. No idea why, but there is a correlation to the days that my hubs gets up early for work. Seems my body already wanted to get up, so when anyone else does it takes that Que. The weird part is that it’s only really bad on Thursday nights and Friday mornings. Last night, I was so asleep on the couch, that I couldn’t get myself up for an hour and a half. Once I finally got up to go to the bed, it was 9:30pm. Strange, but true.


    1. It is strange that you are only Thursday night/ Friday mornings. I’m liking the extra time, but I’d love to be able to stay awake to a grown up time!


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