But Wait, There’s More!

Day PlannerOkay, since 40 years doesn’t seem to be long enough to learn how to read a calendar, I changed my posting schedule this week. Yup, I woke up on Wednesday thinking it was Thursday and posted a day early. Rather than making you wait until Monday (because I know the anticipation would distract you from your weekend festivities!), I decided to do a bonus posting.

Topic for Discussion: Are links to and brief summaries of articles from other places the blogging equipment of clip shows? You know the ones that basically have 5 minutes of original footage, and all of that is just a guise to not have to work hard that week but not have it be called a rerun? Am I the only one that immediately turns those episodes off? Am I the only one to have forgotten the original question in this really long detour?

So, being relatively new to the Twitter-verse (@TammyLuck – shameless self-promotion), I am amazed at the number of really cool articles I now see that I never would have known existed. Some of them I just scratch my head and think, “Wow, that guy really has too much time on his hands!” That then leads to, “Hmmmm.  At least he was doing SOMETHING with his time.  I’m just reading about him doing something that I think was a waste of time yet still pretty cool to have accomplished.”  Hmmmmm is right!

Here are some articles that you might find amusing. Some of them are from my friend’s Facebook “shares”, so thank you!

With the title “A House That’s Business In Front, A Party In Back”, how could I not include the Fast Company’s Co.Design article about the Mullet House? Once you’re there, look around. I have found Fast Company to be the readable, hip version of Entrepreneur magazine, and their Co.Design has great material all the time! It was hard to choose just one, but dang, how can you resist a house that can make that haircut look good?

For those of you who have ever spent an afternoon discussing the relative attractiveness levels of various celebrities/sports figures/super heroes, here is a site for you: Bangable Dudes (and Dudettes) in History. Some of them were surprising (I never knew about chemist Robert Cornelius before, so see, it is educational!), but for all of them the best part for me was the pie chart of their best attributes.

I stumbled across a sarcastic version of my article on Middle Age. Joe Barcello gives a wonderful take on the use of the much maligned term and the physical changes that come with it on The Slacker Factor.

And finally, I’ve stumbled across a really cool charity that made my heart want to burst with pride. Cleaning for a Reason provides free house cleaning services to women undergoing chemotherapy. How wonderful that they are able to give these women one less thing to worry about.

So what do you think? Should I do more of these compilations in the future? I’d love it if you’d share your other “suitable for work” articles. Be sure to email them to me and you might see them in the future on here. Stay tuned!

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