The Little Things

Every Friday I go grocery shopping before work, one of the beneits of having my favorite grocery store only a three minute drive from my house. Last week, as I finished putting my shopping in my vehice, the woman in the car next to me asked if I like my car.

I happen to love my car, and I was happy to tell her all about it. There we were, both with masks on and more than six feet away, having what would have been a mundane conversation. If this had happened last year, I never would have thought anything of it. But because of our current circumstances, it meant the world to me. I told three separate people about the conversation, and now I’m telling everyone.

I feel so fortunate that DH2U and I have the ability to stay at home and not expose ourselves and others to the disease. Besides my immediate family, we haven’t seen anyone in person, unless it was chance encounters in our yard with masks and well over six feet between us, since the stay-at-home order was issued in March. This will continue until it is safe to change our behavior.

How my neighbors know me now.

My parking lot conversation reminded me that my need for connection is still strong. I am going to actively seek out more of it, from a distance. Wouldn’t it be cool if I could make a new friend during this time and not even know what they look like without a mask on?!?!

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