Farmer Tammy

At the beginning of March, you know, back when the world was normal, I attended an I Love San Diego composting class. I knew enough to be dangerous but wanted more. I got it.

The best information I received was about vermicomposting – worm farming. I’d heard about it in the past, but that was always talking about how easy it is to kill the whole herd (flock?). My recent class taught an in-ground method, which my mind jumped on.

I thought about it for a week, and then I jumped on the idea – look at my restraint! The last weekend before California went into a shut down order, I put a request for worms on my gardening exchange group, and I got a taker! We stayed six feet apart as she put about 500 worms into a container I’d brought, and she gave me a quick lesson on how to care for the creatures.


The next day I dug a hole between two fruit trees in our front yard big enough for a 5 gallon bucket. I battled my way through a lot of rocks and clay and found the water table (it has been wonderfully rainy here).


DH2U drilled holes in the bucket, and it went in the hole, along with some new worm bedding (shredded paper and cardboard lightly moistened by coffee grounds, along with coconut coir – all stuff we have around) , followed by the worms, a few pieces of worm food, then another layer of bedding.


We have a paver on top to keep out birds and bigger critters that would want to eat everyone.


I have to continually resist the urge to out and check on them. Worms do not make good pets: They don’t like light and really don’t want to be held.

So once a week I make sure their moisture level is good, and check on their food supply – it takes a long time for them to eat through an apple core, especially since they don’t have teeth! I know that when the level in the bucket drops I need to mix up another batch of bedding to give to them.

Eventually I’ll get to harvest the composted bedding and the worm surplus and start another colony. I’ve already dug the hole!

What new hobbies is everyone getting into during these unusual times?

1 thought on “Farmer Tammy”

  1. Hi,

    I have read about the worm composting but it would have to be in the basement and it is a rather unsettling thought for me to have them inside. Glad that you have found another workable way to compost. It makes me so sad to actually throw away my pairings from fresh produce. Thank you for including the photos.

    My new venture is a desire to continue with my yoga classes. Our community offered a way to do this from home so today I sat down with dread in my heart to sign into BlueJeans so I could see the class tomorrow. I think I am ready to go. All that shows on the screen now is ME but I think tomorrow when I click on “join class” I will be there. Wow! a big step for me. NOw I feel encouraged to sign up for SKIPE which Mike has sent me.

    My outdoor work today will be gathering dead limbs from the ground to bring inside to dry out so I will have kindling to help start fires in the stove.

    Mary Ann >

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