What a Month!

It has been a whirlwind around here. In addition to my annual hand writing notes in my holiday cards (I love that tradition!), which go out on the day after Thanksgiving, I have finished the fourth round of edits on my second novel.



I thought the edits I did during my writer’s retreat would get me close to submission ready, but I made a rookie mistake – I edited while looking at it on screen. I should have known better. Whenever I edit that way, it is all wordsmithing — making what is on the page better. I quickly noticed as I started reading it aloud that the first scene could be better. That started a month-long print-it-out-and-edit session. It’s now so much stronger as a result. Several scenes are gone, and a new one added. I love it even more now.

So in between those, I was also beta reading for one of my beta readers. It was interesting being on the other side of that exchange. I hope my notes, which I’ll get to her this weekend, will be as helpful to her as hers were to me.

Despite having all those things off my plate now, I’m still not able to get back to writing novel #3. I want to take a go at querying my second novel. That started yesterday with #PitMad.


I always have such high hopes for Twitter pitches, but I’ve yet to have an agent contact me as a result. I did get almost a dozen new followers, so that was a plus. So the traditional slush pile, here I come.

In addition, I have a couple short stories I want to shop around. If either is accepted to one of the top science fiction magazines, I would qualify for associate membership at the Science Fiction Writers’ Association, which might help me get an agent and sell my book.

The longer I’m away from novel writing, the more I miss it. I’m glad I feel that way – there’s no need to be doing this if I don’t enjoy it.

What a great way to end my writing year.

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