In My Lifetime

When I am learning something new, I like to go in and press buttons. Ideally I will know what not to press (the ejector seat, “delete all”, etc), but I’m relatively fearless when it comes to technical things. I think that comes a great deal with when computers came into my life. That trusty Commodore 64 was different from a typewriter and an Atari, although it served both purposes. I enjoyed figuring out what was the same and what was different.

Looking back, it is amazing the things that have changed. I feel so fortunate to be able to see the good and the bad in all these inventions.

I remember growing up with a kitchen without a microwave. I was still in elementary school when we got ours, so I didn’t have the experience of cooking in that era. When I had my flat in England, there was no microwave. I had to learn how to reheat things on the stove without drying them out or scorching them. The situation tried to teach me patience; instead I learned appreciation for that appliance.

I was in junior high when we got a VCR. I now refer to it as a Brady Bunch VCR. It was huge, and it had a big tray that lifted up. What I remember most was it had a corded remote! That was the machine I used to wear out my copy of Dirty Dancing. It definitely served our family well. It spoiled me, knowing that movies didn’t have to be seen in the theater. Also, like with the DVR years later, it meant television programing didn’t have to be seen when it originally aired or the long wait for reruns.

Brady Bunch VCR

Just as I enjoy looking back in my personal life to see how far I’ve come, it’s fun doing the same for technology. What a difference a few decades can make.

What was your most memorable new appliance growing up? or With new software, do you want a manual or just go in and press buttons?

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