Hidden Treasure

I love when I stumble upon amazing pockets of fun in unexpected places.

My temporary position is in an industrial part of town. For my breaks and at lunch, I go on a walk (it’s all about the steps!). I quickly discovered a route that brought me to a duck pond.

Gillespie Field Duck Pond

These guys are super happy.

Happy Ducks

People on their breaks walk by and feed them, and I occasionally see families sitting at the picnic benches. For my morning walk, it is usually nap time, but they are up and lively the other times I walk by.

Rules normally aren’t created in a vacuum; they are made for a reason. That’s why I shake my head whenever I see this funny-to-me sign at the park.

For Ducks Sake

You’d think that people who owned chickens would know that they aren’t waterfowl, but common sense does not always prevail.

One of my favorite features of the park is the resident pair of geese.


While living in England I learned how mean geese can be, but these guys are behind a fence, so they are simply loud. Unlike their British counterparts, they don’t push aside all the ducks when people stop by to feed them. That raised their likability for me.

I decided one day to share my apple with the ducks. Some liked it, others were unimpressed with the healthy offering. The geese cracked me up. I offered one goose a bite, which was quickly gobbled up. The other goose reached his(?) beak through the fence demanding to be fed, and he immediately spat the apple chunk back out. It was quickly eaten by a nearby duck that obviously didn’t mind goose spit, so at least it didn’t go to waste.

That duck pond will definitely be missed.

What hidden treasures have you discovered lately? Or Geese: Love them or hate them?

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