Plot Twist

Every once in a while, life throws a curve ball. I received one of those lately. Of course, I happen to have an internet meme that fits the situation.

Plot Twist - The Life Within

My plot twist involves my starting a new work era. My much beloved job, with the fabulous coworkers and perfect-for-me responsibilities, is no more. The company unexpectedly closed its doors at the end of October.

I was numb. It still doesn’t feel real. With the holidays, it is a tough time to be looking for work. I feel fortunate to have found a two- to three-month temp assignment that will get me through the season.

I started on Tuesday. The woman who is going out on leave is training me. There are lots of little details to learn, but I’m picking it up. Fortunately, her teaching style is how I learn best: I was doing the work from the very beginning, with guidance provided when I needed it. My training pace makes the day go so fast, and it is the right speed so I don’t feel overwhelmed.

So, all of this means that I had an unexpected month off. I walked … a lot. Like 20,000 steps a day kind of lot. I also had my second race – and I was a whole minute quicker!

Tammy at Turkey Trot

I also read, canned, and cooked. And I got all my holiday cards written and sent out on time.

Next year is now setting itself up for new adventures, at least down the career path. I’m really looking forward to seeing where I end up. I want to know where this plot twist take me.

Have you ever had an employer unexpectedly go out of business? or What would you do with a month off?

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