Facebook Impressions

With as much time as I now spend on Facebook, it is amazing how my impression of the social media giant has changed over the years.

I started on Facebook back in the good old days when an invitation was required to join. (Thank you, Rebecca, for getting me through the door.) I must admit at first I didn’t like it. I was a huge fan of MySpace. Remember Tom?

Tom on MySpace

I still remember exactly what it was I didn’t like about Facebook: It wasn’t all about me! On MySpace, each member could decide what appeared on the homepage. It was a huge “I love me” wall. When I first joined Facebook, I found it so cluttered and out of my control.

Now I like the ever-changing nature of my homepage. I also love how easy it is to keep friends and family up to date on what is going on in my life and find out what is going on in theirs. In my annual review of my life at Yom Kippur, I can see when Facebook started its influence in making communication easier.

Facebook does make it way too easy to make grand, public announcements instead of one-on-one communication. It also is a definite time sink. Occasionally I am reminded of my attachment to the endless entertainment it provides.

Internet Cats

That meme did make me get up and go play with Carmen and Lemon. With it being holiday card writing season, I am spending less and less time online and more reaching out to my friends. I enjoy both the more personal touch and the instant connection Facebook provides.

What was your first impression of Facebook? or What activity do you find gets neglected due to your online rabbit holes?

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