False Advertising

Having grown up in suburban Southern California, nature to me has always been something you drove to go see … a lot like snow. I remember how excited I would get when I was young and we would pass a deer warning sign as we drove up to the mountains.


Not once during those trips did I ever see a deer in those areas, much less a jumping one. I always felt so cheated. That sign is false advertising.

I remembered that sign and my feelings of disappointment surrounding it when I saw this meme on the internet.

Motorcross Rainbow

That was not a sign I’ve ever seen in real life. I loved the vivid commentary that came with it. I doubt even my young mind could have come up with that. It did make me want to find where that sign is posted and pull up a lawn chair next to it to see if it delivers on its promise. At least I have been warned that I might have to wait a while to see it!

With my brain being me, this reminded me of a post I’d seen –  and saved because it was hilarious –  of various street signs that had been augmented vandalized  (the rule follower in me had to call it as I saw it) to hilarious ends. My favorite was this one.


And what would a post about random stuff on the internet be without cats?!?!?! Neither Lemon nor Carmen show much interest in people food, but on rare occasions they both have been known to run off with something from our unguarded plates. In more than one instance, it has been pizza crusts. We thought that it was just them being bored, but cats stealing pizza is a thing! I saw it on the internet, and now you can, too!

Do you have any memories of misinterpreting street signs when you were little? Or Does anyone else have cats who steal pizza?

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