Sell Crap, Do What You Love

A few months ago I stumbled across an article, “Sell Your Crap, Pay Off Your Debt, And Do What You Love! This Makes It All Possible!”  This is definitely a philosophy I live by. It reminded me so much of how I took my first steps as a competitive dancer.

When I had my initial training in how to be a dance instructor, I simply wore street shoes. Considering the skill level I had at the time, that met my needs.

A few months later when I started dancing with Kurt, I had to break down and spend money on my first actual dance shoes. For those of you you don’t know, dance shoes are unique in that the sole of the ball of the shoe is made of suede, which enables them to slide more easily over the wood floors.

Ballroom Dance Shoes Soles

The good ones, which last longer and fit better than the cheaper ones, at the time cost $150. I didn’t want to spend so much money if this wasn’t going to work out, but I couldn’t see if it was going to work out if I didn’t have the shoes. I stumbled across the perfect solution to this catch 22.

Many years early, well before my English adventure, I’d gone to massage school and had bought a high end portable table. I’d only done it part time – I had to stop even that because my wrists weren’t up to the challenge- but the table sat taking up space in my tiny apartment.

I put my massage table up on Craig’s list. Two days later I had cash in my pocket, and my dance shoes were ordered. Being willing to let the table go didn’t strip me of the memories of the past, but it did enable me to start building new ones. Thank goodness I didn’t know then that I’d need new dance shoes every three to six months. That was definitely a case of ignorance being bliss.

Have you ever sold off the gear of one hobby to start a new one? or Am I the only one to be grateful for not knowing how much something could cost before starting out?

2 thoughts on “Sell Crap, Do What You Love”

  1. That’s a good idea to make some quick money and also save some space. I’ve been selling and donating a lot of stuff lately. Some of it is to make money, but most of it is just to make room. I’ve been quickly getting/selling things in order to make room for the new baby. It’s been a slow process, but so far I’ve made a lot of room. Believe it or not, but I’ve actually got rid of so much that all the new things for the baby take up less room than before.


    1. Baby stuff can take up a lot of space. You must have gotten rid of a lot of stuff! It feels good to have more room and let go of things we simply don’t need any more.


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