Years ago, back when I had my part time job as a taste tester, I used some of my newly found spare cash to buy a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership. That one was unique in that it involved many farms instead of just one, as it was coordinated through a farmer’s market.

Each week I stopped by the market to pick up my share of the loot. I loved the idea of all the farm-fresh produce and supporting local farmers, and the frugal side of me saw it as a good replacement for some of my grocery store shopping. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a place mentally to work all the yumminess into our diet as substitutes for what we normally would be eating. It was in addition to our normal shopping. The problem with that is that there was too much food, and a lot of it went to waste. Not good. I stopped my CSA at the same time I was let go from that job due to a non-job-related food allergy.

Over the last month, I became ready to give CSAs another chance. The CSA I joined is with Suzie’s Farm, which happens to deliver to my office building every other week.

Suzie's Farm

That sounds perfect for me. It gives us more time to use all the food and less chance to tire of a basket ingredient since it will repeat for the many weeks a particular type of produce is in season.

This time I also have a plan for incorporating the farm-fresh food into our meals: I will now go grocery shopping the day after the basket is delivered. That gives me time to meal plan. I’m all about simple solutions!

I was so excited to see a head of cauliflower in my first basket last week.

First CSA package

(It is green and to the left of the celery at the bottom of the picture.)

In my recipe bookmarks, I had an Eating Well recipe that was essentially a Spanish Tortilla with the potatoes replaced with cauliflower.

Cauliflower Tortilla Pre Flip

Okay, that is just a horrible picture of good food. It deserves better than that! Here is the picture from the recipe that shows it post flip and has good lighting.

Savory Cauliflower Cake

I’m off to a good start of incorporating CSA food into our meals, if not a food photography career!

The recipe turned out well. It gave me a chance to finally use the spring-form pan that I bought years ago. The only alteration to the recipe that I’d make is either to take out the caraway or reduce it substantially since its flavor really took over. (It did mellow out by the time it became leftover lunches.)

Now to finish using everything!

How many of you have been or are members of a CSA? or What is your favorite cauliflower or broccoli recipe?

4 thoughts on “CSA Box”

  1. I love this, Tammy! You tied in beautifully with what I posted about today. And I always think of you as eating locally and canning, etc. A young woman with a 1940’s homemaker’s heart. Am going to share this on FB. And I had to smile at your comment about your picture – the right lighting just makes all the warm, cozy difference, doesn’t it?


    1. We are really sisters! We think so much a like.

      I’m so flattered that you see the CSA as fitting in with the rest of my affinities. It definitely was the next step for me. Stay tuned for future changes …


  2. I miss the CSA box! Looking forward to ours starting up again! I enjoy the challenge of choosing meals based on what’s in the box. Honestly, I think it’s spoiled me for menu planning!


    1. I know I’m going to be facing cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage for a while in the CSA. Fortunately, those are commonly in our fridge anyway. It definitely gives a very “Chopped” quality to our meals. I’m often asked which box ingredients DH2U should use in a meal. Hopefully you guys will thaw out and your CSA will start back soon.


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